Dicaprio/kate Winslet Interview 2/2

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Excerpt from Santa Barbara Article with Kate Winslet

*Kate was honored at festival last night *
Her most famous watery encounter, of course, came in "Titanic," a film she was thrilled to be cast in.

"I loved my character, I loved the love story," she said. "And I was so excited about the idea of playing an American."

A fan of Leonardo DiCaprio's since his "Basketball Diaries," she hunted the actor down in Cannes to persuade him to be in the film. He finally agreed, and the two became fast friends -- although their relationship was strictly platonic.

Ms. Winslet, the wife of "American Beauty" director Sam Mendes, dismissed Mr. DiCaprio's recent comments to Oprah Winfrey that she was the best on-screen kisser he'd ever been paired with.

"We did it so much," she said, laughing. "It became so practical and repetitive, totally passionless, by the numbers."

Neither of them knew the movie would launch them to international superstardom.

"Everyone kept saying, 'Oh, your life's going to change now,' '' she said, "and I thought, my life's not going to change at all! What are they talking about? But my life did change completely. It was so huge.''

Still, she and Mr. DiCaprio, who was honored by the film festival on Sunday, remain friends to this day. She is delighted they are both up for Oscars this year -- she for "Eternal Sunshine," her fourth nomination, and he for "The Aviator."

"This is a great moment for me and Leo," she said. "It's like, great, we didn't go nuts (after the success of "Titanic"). We didn't start taking drugs and drinking heavily. We didn't go off traveling for three years and not call anyone.

"We're still here."

Thanks Peanut80 on leofans board :)

I Love Kate Winslet.Kate is the most talented actress of our generation.
I always love reading what Kate has to say :)

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