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Postby dyzzx » Sun Apr 17, 2005 5:26 am

Not being funny, but the write-up on Leo on these boards is REALLY bad. I don't know if anyone has read it all the way through, and I know Leo is not perfect, but the write-up <span style='color:red'>REALLY</span> slags him off and makes him sound like a real loser! I wonder if the person that did it . I wonder if the person that did it originally hates Leo?! It's like, 90% negative towards Leo! Here are some parts of it: my comments in <span style='color:blue'>blue</span>

Born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio has become a modern day Casanova. DiCaprio has been romantically linked with so many models and actresses it boggles the mind blah blah blha....THEN it says 'Allegedly, DiCaprio was almost thrown off the set of ROMPER ROOM, for misbehaving on the set, and DiCaprio still has a reputation as a troublemaker to this day. ' <span style='color:blue'> a trouble maker when????</span>

Leonardo is perhaps the busiest actor in Hollywood at getting busy. He is in effect the Wilt Chamberlain of the stars. Although Linnea Dietrichson - a London barmaid, said he is a dud in bed <span style='color:blue'>LOL, this slut never proved she had even slept with Leo - I could say I had, in fact anyone could</span>..She said she came away disappointed, saying he was spouting cliché pick up lines and lifeless kisses. She also said the moment of passion with what she termed as the flabby and pale DiCaprio only lasted 5 minutes. There also are reports that Leo is not endowed anywhere near that of John Holmes, <span style='color:blue'>LOL, no man in the world has a dick the size of Holmes, Leo's could have been 12 inches long and still been smaller!</span> porn star Kendra Jade termed him 'average'. Perhaps was the impetus for him suing Playgirl magazine stopping them from publishing full frontal nudity of the actor in 1998. <span style='color:blue'>Excuse me, but no one would want a full frontal nude pic of them in a porno magazine - the size of the lunchbox is irrelevant.</span> This might be refuted considering his reported naked romp in Cuba with supermodel Naomi Campbell, a rumored brat in her own right. <span style='color:blue'>NEVER, ever did he get it on with Campbell-it never happened LOL</span>

This write up says Leo claims "I'm obsessed with girls, when you're my age your hormones are just kicking in and there's not much besides sex on your mind." <span style='color:blue'>Biggest load of balls ever, that he has bedded all these women; and I have never heard him say what you say he said</span>

There also are several reports of Leonardo being what some would call a punk. During Jennifer Lopez's 29th birthday party in New York, DiCaprio was partying with guy pal and rapper Q-Tip, until one of his ex-friends David Blaine showed up, when DiCaprio reportedly shouted "we're out of here!" and headed to the exits with his buddies. When leaving the club, Leo reportedly threw a beer bottle at the press barely missing a photographer, although others at the scene say it was no beer bottle. <span style='color:blue'>Again unproven bullsh**, like the story about that guy from the porkys movie who slagged off Leo and said he set his mates on him - it was thrown out of court. LOL</span>

There was talk that Q-Tip is homosexual and Leo's past work and agressive sexual tendencies may indicate that perhaps reports of Leo being bisexual have some merit. <span style='color:blue'>How predictable..calling Leo gay; run out of things to slag him off for? </span> Another report says that Leo was being an immaturish child who was flicking lights on and off at a party for Mary Fanaro in Malibu trying to get people to leave. When a woman tried to stop him, he allegedly slapped her hand and continued until Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, arrived. One of the partiers goes on to say in New York Magazine "He was like a spoiled kid who finally shuts up when you give him a new toy. All of a sudden, he was all over her." <span style='color:blue'>never heard this before, and is there such a word as "immaturish?"</span>

Star Wars fans struck back at Leo when during a filming of The Phatom Menace, a trailer for The Beach caused the packed house to begin chanting "Leo sucks!" and it was originally reported that he was in the theater, but later reports deny that claim. Apparently Leo has thought Menace itself sucked, <span style='color:blue'>He loved the Menace, just said he preferred the original movies, EVERYONE I know does"</span>
<span style='color:blue'>
Plus Leo is not single, he has been in a relationship for 5 years with gisele bundchen, they split a couple of times, but have been together now for 3 years. And she didn't finish with him cuz he is "immaturish" or has a small weener or throws tantrums when he can't get his own way! This write up is a joke - seriously.</span>

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Postby DollHouse » Sun Apr 17, 2005 8:57 am

What do you think this is? Time Magazine? oh please....

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Postby newyorker » Sun Apr 17, 2005 12:33 pm

Never read this write up before, dyzxx, but I do see your point. It's awful. Most stuff is trashy tabloid rubbish with no proof or foundation. Take no notice; we know Leo is the best! :P

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Postby l7890 » Mon Apr 18, 2005 6:26 pm

Sensationalism at it's absolute worst. We know Leo is not like that!

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