Sickly Skymoon.

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Postby dyzzx » Wed Apr 20, 2005 3:19 am

Sorry but I had to copy and paste this drivel, from skymoon, sorry, virgodog, on who has taken the sickly sweet yummy wummy Gisele Brown-nosing to an all time high. She SOOOOOO pleased to be part of the 41% of Leo's fans who just LURRRRRRRVE Gisele, and wanna give her huggy wuggys and kissy wissys. Her post made me feel nauseous; seriously! (It's on the post 'whats you opinion of Gisele posted by lawsofmag.) And the brown nosing of Irmelin is SOOOO pathetic too!

SKYDOG: april 4th 2005.

Well, I'm among the now 41% of the Leo fans who like his girlfriend, Gisele.
I have also liked her long before she ever met Leo. <span style='color:blue'>(bet she had never even heard of her before!)</span>
I think she's an independent, enthusiastic, energetic girl
with a good sense of humor and an outgoing personality.
She's a gorgeous woman, yet she chooses to dress casually,
much like many of us here...and much like Leo. <span style='color:blue'>(so skymoon knows how the rest of the leofans dress lol)</span>
She rarely wears a lot of make-up or fusses with her hair, <span style='color:blue'>(she needs to cuz she looks dog rough with nothing done to herself.)</span>
which tells me she doesn't take herself all that seriously or
pay a lot of attention to her appearance....something else I
think would appeal to Leo. <span style='color:blue'>(so leo likes his women to look like s h i t does he skymoon?)</span>

As virgo <span style='color:blue'>(skydog) </span>and Rhea said, Leo and Gisele do have a lot in common
and enjoy many of the same things. <span style='color:blue'>(smoking and humping)</span>
I can add a few to Rhea's great list...museums, art, shopping,
antiques, decorating...we've seen them do all those things many times.
Above all I like her great sense of family. <span style='color:blue'>(huh? She LEFT Brazil and her "family" to pursue a career in the USA, and find a famous actor date, to promote herself! So what friggin' family values are you on about skymoon??!)</span>
I believe that's one of the things that Leo and Gisele both value.

And to me, the fact that Gisele and Irmelin spend so much time together say a lot.
Leo certainly values his mother's opinion and Irmelin certainly
has always been concerned for Leo's welfare.
Irmelin strikes me as a person with very good judgment,
so if she likes and approves of Gisele in her son's life, that
tells me that Gisele must have a lot of great qualities. <span style='color:blue'>(Enough brown-nosing of his mom already skymoon!) Bet his mom can't STAND GISELE" She is definately in my good books if she can't!</span>

She may even be the one girl Leo has dated who is most
like his mother, since that's the kind of girl he always said he
was looking for and he and Gisele have been together quite a while. <span style='color:blue'>(lots of folk say this kinda s h i t, and then break up soon after, so lets hope! lol.)</span>

So for me...why not like Gisele? <span style='color:blue'>(Why like her?)</span>
I love and admire two people who have grown to know her
much better than I ever will from just reading about her.

Honestly; the level of brown nosing has now reached sickening levels skymoon; for the love of all that is holy, STOP IT! It's not attractive, it's not clever, and half the people on leofans CAN'T STAND YOU! GEDDIT?

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Postby DollHouse » Wed Apr 20, 2005 7:38 am

This Girl is seriously sick! She must be a slug in one of those gigantic garden plotted plants that Gisele got for Leo. To Skydog" "What are they gonna do on sunday!" Huh Skydog huh? What time will they be going to the supermarket this evening! hehe I didnt know she knew Leo's mom. What an idiot. Do you think she might be dejay. I dont think these are the kinda fans Gisele or Leo wants to have.

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