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Postby dyzzx » Sat Jun 25, 2005 4:50 pm

Basically Diane, the question is: are you also Noemie off Leofans? New member "Noemie" has posted a thread on Leofans claiming she has had a "message" from you - DianeB (which is frankly a bit rude and a bit daft-if you don't want to remain at Leofans-don't!)

It just seems very odd that "DianeB" would send a message to a NEW member of Leofans - ("Noemie"), who only joined 5 weeks ago - over and above the dozens of regulars that "DianeB" has known for 4/5 years. It's very suspicious - especially seeing as how this new member also has a French name. And if you DianeB haven't been on the site for a few weeks, how on earth did she get a message to - and from you? <_<

If you want to leave the site DianeB/Noemie, then go, but don't post silly and pathetic messages claiming to not be on the Leofans site anymore. It seems to me that you are using a pseudonym (a different name), to post! :rolleyes:

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