Spanish Interview Of Bar

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Spanish Interview Of Bar

Postby lye2003 » Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:22 am

Domingo - II
BAR REFAELI MODELO / «Lo del príncipe azul es cuestión de química»
«Cuando alguien te hace brillar y flotar, entonces es que es él», dice la novia de Leonardo Di Caprio

Cuesta creer que esta criatura de tan sólo 21 años recién cumplidos y cara de ángel sea la novia del curtido y juerguista Leonardo Di Caprio. Sin embargo, así es. En todo caso, Bar Refaeli engaña a primera vista. Es una israelí tan dulce como implacable. Sobre Di Caprio: ni una palabra. La modelo ha sido esta semana la estrella del rutilante desfile de Pronovias, con diseños de Manuel Mota. Y ha aprovechado para hacer turismo con su novio por Barcelona.

-¿Bar viene de Bárbara?

-No. Es un nombre hebreo que significa 'chico salvaje'.

-¿Por qué le pusieron sus padres un nombre de chico?

-No es una forma muy común de decir 'chico', pero significa eso y también vida salvaje o algo así.

-¿Y es usted salvaje?

-No, en absoluto Bueno, quizá un poquito. Pero no mucho. Soy buena chica.

-¿Qué dijeron sus padres cuando decidió ser modelo a los 15 años?

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Postby lye2003 » Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:30 am

A very special thanks for Translating To Tinamtl and Electra :D



When someone makes you glow and floats you know its him, says the girlfriend of Leonardo

Hard to believe that this person is only 21 years old, with an angelic face is the girlfriend of tough
and party goer Leonardo DiCaprio. ....thats how it is. In other words Bar Refaeli is deceiving at
first sight. She is an Israeli of incapable sweetness and about Leonardo DiCaprio not a word.
The model was the star this week in a routine fashion show of PRONOVIAS with designer
Manuel Mota. And she approached to do some touring with her boyfriend in Barcelona.

question: Bar comes from Barbara?
answer: Its a hebrew name which means wild child.

question: Are you wild?
answer: Absolutely not! ok....maybe a little bit but not much..I am a good girl.

question: What did your parents say when you decided to model at 15 years old?
answer: Nothing! I was going on tv at 9 months old! I did all kinds of commercials being an
Israeli child and I loved it.

question: Are you afraid of your country?
answer: Israel is a unique wonderful country. I adore it and I am not objective to talk about it.
Now I feel its
safe, there was a time I was afraid to go on a bus, fortunetely that has passed.

question: Are your parents dedicated to fashion or publicity?
answer: No, no ..simply..she is girl, very lovely, very photogenic and they noticed that I love to
pose. Thats how it was formed. At 15 years old, I decided to take a modelling career seriously.
Being so young, my parents didn't allow me to travel alone. My mother is my best friend and she
accompanies me.

question: Do you have brothers and sisters?
answer: 3 brothers, I am the only girl

question: Its qualifies that the dresses of Manuel Mota are romantic. Are you?
answer: I think times, from time to time. And the feeling of the know
a candlelight dinner. ...

question: Do you feel special dressing as a bride?
answer: Of course, I feel like a princess!!

question: and how should your prince be?
answer: My blue prince? Its all questioned in the chemistry. It has to be a strong person who
understands me whom you feel comfortable with. A man who boosts your morally and not the
opposite. When someone makes you float and glow therefore he is the one.

question: Do you glow now? Maybe you have found him?
answer: maybe.

question: Being announced that you're Leonardo Dicaprio girlfriend
answer: I am a professional model of 6 years, and I hope they know me for my work.

question: Does it bother you that you are compared to Gisele Bundchen?
answer: I never heared from anyone that I have been compared to her. I have my own


question: Is Titanic your favourite film?
answer: Of that, I won't speak of.

question: Don't you like films?
answer: Yes, of course, but we are here to speak of fashion not of films!

question: Do you have other interest besides fashions?
answer: I love to ride horses and dance.

question: Has Leonardo changed your life?
answer: my life hasn't changed, I continue to do the same.

question: Do you imagine your wedding?
answer: I dream of it since a little girl, like all girls do. But I am in no rush. I see it as installements,
besides I am too young.

question: Would you like to convert to being an actress?
answer: For now NO, but maybe in the future.

question: Leo gives you advice?
answer: Advice? Whats clear to me, is that if I should decide to be an actress, I would take lessons

question: Have you done milatary in your country?
answer: I had pesonal problems, so I didn't do it. Saying I am doing military service now, travelling
all over the country.

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Postby eddie » Sun Jun 25, 2006 11:32 am

lye2003 wrote:

question: Don't you like films?
answer: Yes, of course, but we are here to speak of fashion not of films!

she sounds rude at the end

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Postby melanielove » Sun Jun 25, 2006 4:26 pm

She isn't rude... she wants the attention on her - not Leo. Why do you think she's dating him :rolleyes:

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