Leonardo DiCaprio visits 'The Tonight Show' 12/14 Transcript

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Leonardo DiCaprio visits 'The Tonight Show' 12/14 Transcript

Postby admin » Fri Dec 15, 2006 5:03 am

All right, my first guest's considered one of the best actors of his generation. Just received two golden globe nominations, just today, for best actor for his roles in "blood diamond" and "the departed." And they can both be seen in theaters near you. Please welcome

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Thank you very much. Thank you.

>> Jay: Congratulations. Two golden globe nominations.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Exciting, exciting day for me, man. I'm very, very, very honored. I truly am.

>> Jay: Yeah, were you surprised you got it for both?

>> Very surprised. I mean, I'm really pro of both of these movies. I put a lot of work into them. I worked with great directors on both of them. I'm pretty blown away that it actually went down like this.

>> Jay: Now, if you could vote, which one would you vote for?

>> Which one would I vote for? You know, jay, I'm in love with both of these.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Oh, man. You should run for office. That's real good.

>> That's my politically correct answer for the day.

>> Jay: Now, I know you made "blood diamond" in africa. Did you get a chance to sight-see? Did you get out and see the country?

>> Africa was astounding. I mean, we were there for six months total. And youan't help but fall in love with this place. And when we weren't filming, I got to do things like, you know, like scuba dive. I went in the great white cage, great whites were in front of me. I got to go scuba diving with turtles, and I got to go on safari. All kinds of things like that. And, you know, some of the most unforgettable moments that I've had in my life.

>> Jay: Now, tell me about the safari. How close dyou actually -- do the animals come right up to the --

>> They're literally 20 feet away from the car. It was pretty astounding when you se20 lions devouring a, you know, wildebeest in front of you. And you say, "how the hell is this possible that this animal doesn't want to eat me?" But the ranger explained that, u know, we're all different energies to the animal. They look -- the lion looks at you as a different energy. If you're a part of this truck a tree or something like that. But I tell you, I broke th line of distance for the lion, and he saw me an individual creature and I got this photograph that's pretty amazing, at the moment where he started to realize I'm a giant fill mignon.

>> Jay: Well, how did he see you? Maybe he knows you. Had he seen some of the films where --

>> What?

>> Jay: Had he seen "the aviator"? I mean, how did he know you?

[ Laughter ] "Hey, wait a minute. Isn't that --"

>> But it was amazing because, as soon as I broke that line of where I became an individual, man, I was an entirely different energy at that moment.

>> Jay: Well, let's show that photo. You have it here. That's the lion --

>> That's where the lion --

>> Jay:H, yeah, when they look up and go -- mm.

[ Laughter ]

>> He took a couple of steps toward me. Man, that was -- vehicle are you in? An armored car or somethi o algo con with bs on the side?

>> A giant, you know, jeep-type of vehicle. But --

>> Jay: Is it open?

>> It's open, yeah.

>> Y: Well, duh. I mean --

[ Laughter ]

>> That's what -- I didn't get it. I didn't get how could I be 20 feet from this animal an that. But I learned very quickly. I learned very quickl

>> Jay: Wow. Okay. Now, you do -- I have a friend from rhodesia. I was telling you this before. And this -- you do the accent perfectly.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Just perfectly. Can you do a little of that? 'Cause it's an unusual combination.

>> How's it, my brute? I know. It snds like an australian kind of --

>> Jay: It does sound --

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Thank you. Thank you.

>> Jay: I mean, how difficult was that to, sort of, pick up? Because, obviously, you're around people who speak like that, so --

>> You -- I basically wanted to go a fewonths beforehand to get used to the language and the people. Met were ex-mercenaries who were really, really macho and tough and didn't want to tell me anything about themselves. So, I found out that there's, like, a local concoction that you make, whicis, you give them beer, a shot of jagermeister inside the beer. And you light it on fire, and then these guys just become the biggest sweethearts. Cf1 o

[ Laughter ] And they start divulging everything about their personal lives. And I got so many great lines for the movie that they told me. You know, that americans love ttalk about their feelings. It's not "bling bling" out here. It is "bling blang." You know, things like that. But you know, it really helped me get in the character and it really shaped my character by hanging out with those guys.

>> Jay: Now, tell me about the african people themselves. What was that like?

>> You know, what was really interesting for me was, you know, the conditions that they lived in. I mn, there is extreme poverty there. We shot in areas in mozambique where there is a tremendous aids rate. And, you know, the attitude that these people have is amazing. Their lust for life, the fact they feel happy to be alive every single day. I mean, literally, we'd be driving around, they'd be dancing in the streets. It gives you a completely different attitude on where you're from. And I got to go to places like, you know, orphanages for the S.S. Out there and see children that were having a new opportunity on life. And it's a great thing to see the money that we actually give, in these richer countries, going into something tangible like that. You know? Seeing these orphans being able to, you know, have a new opportunity on life. But it's hard to make that connection when you just donate from far away, but it does make a huge, huge difference.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> You know, when you see it.

>> Now, you're in the bush, so to speak. You're shooting -- snakes, things like that. I mean, were there things where you would -- "wait a minute, stop this take."

>> Yeah, I mean, there were highly venomous snakes all around. It was a tough shoot. And, you know, we'd -- literally, we'd be in the middle of a take, and they'd say "cut!" And I go, "okay, what happened? I did mess up my line?" "No, black mamba. Black mamba." Guy would run out with a stick, capture the black mamba, and they go, "all right, rolling." I mean, these are, like, snakes could kill you within, like, a a minute, you're dead.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: You don't have a guy standing by with a big needle just to do this? Is there any --

>> I don't know about the vaccinations, but it's most highly venomous, aggressive snake in the world.

>> Jay: Okay. Now, you look like you're in pretty good shape. Did you work out for this role? 'Cause you play this, kind of, tough guy.

>> Yeah. It was a lot of work.

[ Laughte] A lot of hard work. And I got to work with the great djimon hounsou, who's so terrific in this movie and such a great guy. And, of course, he told me that, you know, he's playing a a mende fisherman. I don't know if you've ever seen "gladiator," but the guy just looks like a greek god when he takes his shirt off.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> So, of course, he shows up on the set. He says he hasn't touched a a weight in months and he's not eating right, and, of course, you know, he looks --

>> Jay: Yeah. He had his shirt open the whole te.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah, I felt -- we did a a couple of fight sequences, I thought, "well, you known, I'm, kind of, ual on strength in some ways with him." But he literally had to carry me up this mountaintop 15 to 20 times, and I was exhausted. I couldn't breath after this. I couldn't even move, and I was begging the director, "why does very to care me up?" He said, "djimon doesn't look like he's tired."

[ Laughter ] "Djimon, would you please act tired for this?" He carried me up an entire mountain with me on his shoulders. He's amazing.

>> Jay: Look, we'll take a a break. More with leonardo, right after this. Be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ] Does not look like we will

>>> A towering douglas rener coming storm saying trees are yesterday morning. You can see a so far even though227owówówówóo?O?O?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with leonardo dicaprio. Just got two golden globe nominations for best actor. One for the film "blood diamond," which is in theaters now. Now, I understand your grandmother came to visit you on the set, so to speak.

>> I love taking -- I love taking my grandmother with me wherever I go. And she got to go on safari, for example. But she's one of those people that's 90 years old and just seen it all and just keeps it so real.

>> Jay: Yeah?

>> I mean, we got to actually go to paris for a little while afterwards. And we got to go to the picasso museum, and the great grandson of pablo picasso himself, you know, was giving us a tour. But I could tell she was not feeling these paintings at all. She didn't really know what all the hubbub was about picasso.

[ Laughter ] So, I told her, you know, "just please, just even though that's your opinion, just keep it to yourself when he asks you about the painting." She goes, "okay, okay." So, of course, time rolls around and he goes, "so, what do you think of this painting?" She goes, "what is this right here?" He goes, "well, this is his third wife. It is cubism. It's not exactly representative of what --" she goes, "you could tell me this is a cat or a dog or a a snake or a fly and I would say, okay because it looks like nothing."

[ Laughter ] "Nothing to me. If you paint a woman, it should look like a woman. This is nothing."

[ Laughter ] And I was mortified. I thought the guy was going to be totally insulted. He wrote me a three-page letter afterwards, just explaining how honored he was to be around someone that wasn't kissing his butt just because he was the great grandson of picasso and that he loved being around somebody from the old country like that that just told it like it is. So, I love to hear what she's going to do at any given moment.

>> Jay: How old is she?

>> She's 90.

>> Jay: She's 90 and she's going to africa on safari.

>> She went to safari with us and everything.

>> Jay: Now, does she give you career advice? Did you say, "I've oked at some projects --" this type of thing?>> Yeah. I mean, she loves -- she certainly loves "titanic." At's her favorite movie.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

[ Laughter ]

>> She always asks me why I don't look as pretty as I did in "titanic" --

[ Laughter ] And that I'm very ugly in this movie and I should put my hair back and walk down the stairs again.

[ Laughter ] But, you know, she ultimately -- it's great because she ultimately doesn't care whether I'm an actor or not.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> She tells me, "this acting, it is a lot of this --"

[ Laughter ] "You should do something with your hands. You know, lay brick or something. Do something."

>> Jay: "Get a real job."

>> Exactly. It's that whole story. I love her. I love her to death.

>> Jay: Now, you also got nominated, of course, for "the departed." Scorsese nominateagain, too. I think this is going to be his year. N't you agree?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I believe so, yeah.

>> Jay: How many films have you cf1 o guys done together?

>> This is our third film together.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. How did you first meet him? Did he see you? Did you approach him?

>> I met him in new york and I was 18 years old. And he -- deniro actually did a a movie with him, and I was introduced me. And he actually had seen some of my films, and I was pretty blown way that he had known anything that I had ever done. But it just shows that he's a a catalog of cinema. He constantly watches movies.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah. As he is. He's a film historian, and he's always watching every film that comes out it's pretty amazing.

>> Jay: Well, I hope he wins this year.

>> So do I.

>> Jay: Let's show people a a clip from "blood diamond." I thought this was a terrific film, d it's an important film. It's a film about -- how many people die, and what happens when you mine diamonds. D it's really amazing piece of work. What is happening here?Tell people what's happening.

>> This is where -- I play a dealing in the black market. Djimon is the mende fisherman who finds this rare pink diamond. And I'm basically convincing him, the only way to get his family back is by letting me -- going with me to get the diamond.

>> Jay: Let's take a look. "Blood diamond."

>> Don't tell you me you're gonna try to sell it yourself.

>> To who?

>> At for what price, my friend? You need my help, whether you like it or not.

>> What you talking about?

>> You'll see.

[ Gunfire ] You hear that? You hear that? They came into the city over night. It started. What are you going to do now, huh? Listen, the right stone can buy anything, information, safety, even freedom. But a big stone does not stay secret for very long. The moment you tell anyone about it, your life is absolutely worthless. The only reason you're still alive is because you haven't am I right? Am I?

>> Who do yothink got you out of jail? Huh? That makes us partners!

>> I am not your partner!

>> What if I helped you find your family?

>> What do you know of my family?

>> The relief agencies are useless. The hospitals are overwhelmed. There are other ways.

>> Liar!

>> Look at me. I know people, huh? White people. Without me, you're just another black man in africa, all right?

[ Explosion ] You got no time.

>> You will say anything. How can I trust you?

>> All rht, that stone could be priceless. We split it and we get your family. What's it gonna be, yes or no? Yes or no?

>> Where do we go?

>> Follow me!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Terrific. Great piece of work. I know you got to run, but tell us about the "11th hour." Tell us about this documentary.

>> All right, it's a a documentary that I have coming on next year. It's about environmental issues and it, sort of, runs the gamut on all of the issues, including global warming. And I narrate it, and we got gorbachev and david suzuki and stephen hawking, all kinds of experts taing about the issue without interruption.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Jay: Well, that's great. Listen, I kw you have to run. Congratulations on both those nominations.

>> Thank you. Glad to be here.

>> Jay: Leonardo, thank you. Have a merry christmas, buddy.

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