Mandy upset about Kissmas concert in Cleveland post

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Postby admin » Thu Jan 25, 2001 8:55 pm

Ok, well I have been a fan ever since you first came out. I have seen you open for NSync, BSB and most recently last night at the Kissmas Concert last night in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think that you are a wonderful singer and have lots of talent, but I am very upset with you. Last night at the concert you did put on a good show, but you were supposed to do an autograph signing just like the other four artists that were there that actually came to their autograph signings. We got everyones autograph there except for yours and why!?! because instead of doing what you had promised your fans you went to someone elses concert instead. I understand that you still have a life of your own but you promised your fans a signing and then didnt come to it with no explanation offered to us except some security people saying we 'think' that she went to the Dave Matthews concert instead....that shows true love for your fans.... You try explaining to a 3 year old little girl that knows the words to your songs and loves you, why she didn't get Mandy's autograph, because that is what we have to do and it isn't exactly easy to tell her that the Mandy had 'more important' things to do than be there for her fans. That just wasn't right of you to do that. We waited all night long to be told at the end of the night that you weren't going to come after all. Ok fine that is said and done we leave with no autograph but we think at least maybe she will say hi when she leaves like the rest of the artists, but NOOOOO.... instead she has security people surround her on each and every side so she can just walk right by us like we don't even exist. You just give everyone this rude look and keep on walking like ya don't even care. I am sorry but that is not what being famous is about. Your fans are what make you and what can brake if you aren't there for us why should we be there for you!?!

wow...i am very thankful for all your support...but i hafta say what u said in your letter not only hurt me, but it kind of made me mad as well. I NEVER went to someone else's concert. After the show, I went back to my hotel to sleep because we had an early morning flight. I NEVER PROMISED ANYONE i was doing an autograph signing. Infact I only found out that the other artists were doing one when we got to the venue to soundcheck. when i asked my tour manager why we were not doing one, she said that the radio station and the rock and roll hall of fame agreed that the alotted 20 minutes was not enough to cover even 100 people, and with the ste up in there (since it would be the end of the show) could grow dangerous and unruly. I was upset because once i stepped on stage and saw the sea of people and how great the crowd was, i really wanted to meet as many people as I could, but the decision was final. Although earlier in the day at soundcheck (which was open to whoever was in the museum) I signed to the 30 kids who watched up be stupid on stage for 30 mins...hehe! But to say that i surrounded myself with people and act like you guys didn't exsist. FIRST of all.....i didn;t ask for people to be aorund me, but since there were no ropes or borders to keep people from crowding the back door, they had some really nice marine guys help us out. I shook hands and said hey to everyone as i passed. That comment really hurt me because i tried to makeup as best I could since i wasn't able to do a signing. I am sorry that the 3 year old girl and i didn't get to meet but send her my love and hug, and i honestly didn't mean to make anyone said or upset. BUT PLEASE think next time that most of the time I DON'T make decsions and .....well you hurt a 16year old's feelings too....


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Postby JustinsNSYNCPrincess » Wed Feb 07, 2001 5:34 pm

okay and who wrote that long article?

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