'I'm not perfect'

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Postby lyna » Mon Jan 29, 2001 12:36 am

This was in the February issue of J-14.

Just because this cute girl next-door has to look great 24/7 doesn’t mean that she’s super-confident. Mandy Moore, in many ways, is her own biggest critic. “I’m too tall,â€￾ she complains. “My arms are too long. My legs are too long- they’re skinny and awkward. And I’ve got big feet.â€￾
Okay, so maybe a size-10 shoe is big, but most of her fans would say the trendy teen pop star is perfect. “I’m hoping I’ll grow into my big feet,: she laughs. The 16-year-old singer admits that she puts a lot of pressure on herself to look the way she thinks she should- but don’t most teens do that? Only thing is, Mandy says “certain criticsâ€￾ tend to look at he image with a fine- tooth-comb, like when they say she isn’t sexy enough. “There is always going to be pressure. But I don’t feel like wearing really super-tight , sexy stuff,â€￾ the Neutrogena spokeswoman says. “I don’t like showing my stomach. I don’t like stuff that’s cut too low. It’s just not me. The thing I, if other people are doing it, it’s fine, because they’re pulling it off, but I know if somebody were to stick me in something like that, I’d be uncomfortable.â€￾
Despite her imperfections, Mandy is happy with the person she is and says it’s important to be yourself. “Beauty is about confidence.â€￾ If you are happy with the person you are on the inside, it will show on the outside.

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Postby JustinsNSYNCPrincess » Wed Feb 07, 2001 5:30 pm

cool article and Mandy isnt that skinny me and her are prolly the same cause i am skinny and tall just like her!~

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