Transcript of People special w/ Mandy

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Postby admin » Sat Feb 10, 2001 12:38 am

It's hard to follow because no names are attached to the words, but FYI:

i'm so addicted to ' to me mandy: You can't expect success, you know?

Can't do without it

feelings got me weak in the knees you can want it really bad and kind of hope for it. I just, I really wanted people to enjoy my music as much as i enjoyed, like, making it and creating it and recording it and performing it.

There's nothing more to say

there's nothing else I want more than to feel this way

i wanna be with you I've like co-hosted T.R.L. A bunch of times with carson, and done, like, numerous other stuff with him. Did you have a good summer? Yeah, I had an awesome summer here at the beach house. He's cool, man. He's awesome. I love him. Director: And...Action! I'm shooting gary marshall's new film called the princess diaries. When he moves out, stay on mandy. It's the good scene today where I get to be really, really mean. So i'm looking forward to it. You have a pouty look that's very good. Thank you! I've had so much fun doing this, and I've worked with such a great director and such a great cast. Like, I don't know how I can top it. Today is my last day of filming, so i'm a little sad, because I've made so many cool friends. There's fire//>[e:20000101][ec60] ver the world. With this hair and that look, she'll own the world. Sometimes you get lost in this business like this, and act like this, I have no one doing that. It's important to show people that you should be yourself and be proud the crowd, like, all the time.

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