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Postby admin » Fri Feb 23, 2001 2:21 pm

yeah!!! sorry i have written in a few days....things have been soooo crazy!! i know i have been saying that recently...but guys i working my butt off on this music. i hope you guys like i listening to my first completed song with Emilo from miami. i don't think you guys are gonna expect this at all. it's sooo ....i dunno....just promise me that you guys WILL listen to all the new music VERY loud!! ok?? how was everyone's valentine's day???? HAPPY LATE VALENTINE'S DAY!! mine was exceptional and i was able to be home with my family and valentine. i hope yours' was great too. i also wanted to let you guys know that i recorded a song of my own (i wrote it) called 'when i talk to you' yesterday. it was one of the coolest in-studio experiences i have had. WOW! sooo...that's 14 songs down, 4-5 to go. CAN'T wait till May 29th (album release). oh, by the way...the album isn't called TENT (you guys crack me up)!!! and that special announcement should come any day now......

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