Mandy's 3/18 update to fans

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Postby admin » Mon Mar 19, 2001 2:29 pm

oh my goodness! so i know, i deserve a slap! go ahead guys! first of all, i haven't posted in forever, but don't think i have stoped loving you guys or maybe i am not going to post as much anymore. i am trying my best, but my computer is soooooo slow on just the regular phone i think dsl is coming to my house soon lol. my computer dies everytime i try and get on and write and it will probably sign me off as i write this very post. anyways..........SO you guys found out the BIG NEWS!!!!!! i am BEYOND excited about the film, words don't come close to expressing how i feel! ahhhhhh! if you guys don't know too much, the film is based on the book 'A WALK TO REMEMBER' by Nicholas Sparks---an awesome author who has penned MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, THE NOTEBOOK, THE RESCUE, ETC. the book is such an great read, i would recommend it to anyone. i actually read the book this summer, then made my mom read it, and then i read it again. i was estatic that a film based on this story was being made. i feel very passionate about the story and the message of the film: having faith in life the joy and pain of living it. i am honored to be a part of something that relays a message like that (unlike some teen films which seem to care more about being up on the coolest fashions and if you do know the story, you know what i am talking about (just don't give away the plot . i am in North Carolina from the begining of april until the end of may.....flying up to nyc every weekend to start promoting the album. AS of now....the album is coming out June 5th! woooahhhh after describing how i feel about the film, i don't know how to word my feelings about the album. well, the first single 'IN MY POCKET' is released to radio April 18th.'s pretty different. i mean, it's just not the typical r&b hip-pop that is all over the radio now. it's got more of a pop-rock vibe with some middle-eastern edge too!!! i am making a video for it before i start the film, and i promise something different again. it's upbeat and def. some dancing, just probably not from me lol!!! anyways........more on the album later. this post is long enough. i will post again in a lil bit!!! i love you guys and wanna hear from you, so write back!!!


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