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Postby NGCs1andOnly » Tue Jun 05, 2001 8:48 pm

Well, I waited forever for Mandy to get on the show. Finally, she came on. She performed 'In My Pocket' with a live band. Wow! lol She looked a little funny dancing around all over the place but I'm glad she's getting into the music. She sang live of course (Mandy NEVER lip synchs!) but her background singers sang the 'Nothing But Pennies In My Pocket' part of the chorus. It wasn't the best vocal performance I've heard from her but you've gotta give her props for actually singing. She was wearing a colorful jacket and pants with a tank underneath. She didn't get to go to the chair to get interviewed but Rosie came over and talked to her for a while. I'll post the transcript a little later.

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