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Postby Becky » Fri Jun 22, 2001 3:30 pm

I thought she was the star of the flim ? I was watching, I think, ET yesterday and they were behind the scenes of the movie, and Mandy wasn't mentioned or seen at all.

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Postby Kris » Sun Jun 24, 2001 9:39 am

She's not the star, but he's in the movie - she plays Lana.

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Postby Sooo Unique » Tue Jul 03, 2001 10:14 pm

She's in the movie, but not the star. She plays as part of the popular clique, along with Erik von Detten. Anne Hathaway is the star. :-)

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Postby justins bubbles » Tue Jul 03, 2001 10:41 pm

I read that she is the 'bully' of the movie. I want to see it! Mandy is VERY lucky to be in a movie with the one and only Julie Andrews. She is a legend!! Where does that other girl come in then? That one that used to be on Roseanne and was on Scream 3. You know, she was in 'Welcome to the Dollhouse.' I read somewhere that her and Mandy find out their soulmates. Does that mean like what I think it means, or they're more alike than they think?

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