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Postby JolieBlonde » Tue Jul 30, 2002 11:25 pm

Dear Ted:
Regarding the assertion that J.Lo married Cris Judd as a publicity ploy to clean up her image (as in, Puffy), now that Puff's stock is not in negative territory and the (supposed) fake marriage has ended, J.Lo will probably be with Puffy soon.

I know the celebs are in another zone, but if this is true, I just can't believe her family went along with the farce.
Aliaa Abdel-Gawad
Tucson, Arizona

Dear Aliaa:
Love your name, babe. Much more interesting than this whole J.Lo biz, if you ask me (which you didn't). Look, I've said this before, but it bears repeating: We little guppies have no idea what it's like to swim in the tabloid bowl with the big fishies.

Read more of "The Awful Truth" at E! Online

Thu Jul 04, 1:36 AM ET

Oh, Pairs!

Gobs of domestic-fireworks gab comin' up fer ya (including some pretty interesting Pretty Woman dish), but I say we start with the suddenly single spitfire herself. After all, if J.Lo isn't the roamin' Roman candle o' the moment, I don't know who is.

Funny thing: You know how when you get a fresh significant sweetie, you run out and buy new underwear? Well, celebs do everything bigger. But of course you know that by now.

After all, I'm sure Jen already has a plethora of lacy thongs from which to choose. Instead, Ms. L. is busy searching for, say, that certain 14th-century Venetian blown-glass chandelier she absolutely must have. For her newly acquired Miami mansion, bien sûr. Visit for more:

Since the $9.5 million South Beach digs reportedly aren't fully furnished to pop-movie-stah standards, Jen-doll is currently making the chichi Delano Hotel her home base, according to pillow-chocolate types in the know. And between filming Uptown Girl in New Yawk, Cris Judd's missing missus has been busy shopping, add anti-Pottery Barn snobs who say they've seen the spicy star sniffing around.

For furniture, among other things.

As for whether Ben Affleck will be joining La Lopez on her hunt for the perfect love seat, I don't know. Ms. L.'s official flackers are quite mum on the subject. The traditionally peachy Camp Lopez is now clamming up on everything concerning her "private life." Decor included.

"She's in New York filming Uptown Girl," a rep insisted. Seems to be the answer to everything Lopez these days, regardless of the question.

And despite the fact J.Lo's peeps shot down the rumored P. Diddy-reunion theory, it's interesting to note he has been tooling around the same steamy seaside town at the same sudsy time.

I'm sure they have designing tips to share now and then.

Giddy Up? Oh, no, here we go again.

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Postby beautiful_stranger » Fri Aug 02, 2002 12:17 am

I remember the days when Ted was a halfway decent gossip columnist.

I wish the media would let the Puffy Combs relationship go. He's not interested in Jo-Ho Ho anymore. It's Ben's turn to be her victim.

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