Hey, Hey Lo, Lo! J-ho's Got To Go!

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Postby MooseMan » Sun Aug 04, 2002 2:50 am

As some of you people here know my dislike for Jessica Simpson and her bragging about saving virginity till marriage bit to point of ad nauseum. I litteary had to get a barf bag every time she speak in tounges on that subject. Now that I'm over her completely, I got another person that I want to not getting a barf bag, but wanted to throwed a mache at....Of course, I'm talking about Jennifer Lopez. This chick not only goes through men like it's water to her. Also, she has a speakable nasty reputation of putting her foot in her mouth everytime she speaks ill about individuals that she's worked with (Some of them she spoked about wanted to kill her..personally)...Take Wesley Snipes her co-star in 'Money Train'. She said some really awful words to Wesley..As of this statement, J-Ho's avoiding Wesley like a black plauge). Now Marriage and relationships; First is that Onaja guy, Then Sean 'Puffy' Combs (Which personally, he's was the best thing ever happened to Ms. Lopez if hadn't for that Gun incident at a New York Club) then Cris Judd (No Wyonna, Naomi or Ashley relationship jokes please!). Now J-Ho's latest victim, One half of Lady killin-bosey-twins himself Ben Affleck (his chum Matt Damon is the other). Man, I gotta feel for these guys. What was they were thinking of hooking up with her in the first place? I'm sure her booty was delicious all that, but what makes them think they'll really tamed her to settle down for a family. No-No not J-Ho! She doesn't want a family..at least not to their terms..but BY HERS! You know Murder, Inc. head honcho Irv Gotti got it right in the first place when he talked to Puff when he called J-Ho a 'b-i-t-c-h' when he remixed one of her single. But he should not taken it back....After all, Irv. You called it down the line when Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola tried to ruined Mariah Carey's career by giving the song 'I'm Real' to Ms. Lopez and Ja-Rule. To me, she's nothing but an insult to entertainment and she's got to go.

Of course that's my opinion, and I'm hope that I'm right :D

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