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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Aug 15, 2002 6:10 pm

Movies, movies, movies. They come, they go (sorta like relationships). And just as with lick-worthy lovin', I've got intimate dish fer ya on a few flicks, some upcoming sooner than others. First, that latter:

Has America had enough of J.Lo?

Here's why I'm asking: A few insiders on La Lopez's movie The Chambermaid--about a hotel housekeeper who hooks a politician, or some such hysterical hijinks--are concerned that the film's star has been servicing the country a little too regularly. These sources are b****ing that J.L. might, perhaps, benefit from behaving a tad more discreetly.

Some Chambermaid mouth-shooters (big and small) are becoming increasingly worried. They think the film will make less money than it would if, say, audiences weren't already inundated with J.Lo me-me-me paraphernalia. That's not to say, of course, that Jen's performance in the movie isn't plum, mind you--she's as charming as evuh!

Less enchanting would be what has essentially become J.Lo Inc.:

• J.Inc. is consistently clad in her eponymous clothing line, whether the spitfire's on a casual shopping spree in her plush baby blue sweats or killing time on myriad sets in her sundry terry-wear.

• J.Inc.'s belting can be heard at the drop of several bucks at most music stores, not to mention when you turn on your car radio (regardless if it's inside a Bentley).

• J.Inc.'s perfume line, Glow, is the perf product when you're tired--perish the unimaginable thought--of looking at or listening to the shapely star. (The scent is being sued by Glow Industries for trademark infringement, for your nosy information.)

And last but not lusciously least, Ms. L.'s relationship status is splashed everywhere out the wazoo, right on a par with Julia Roberts' recent quickie nuptials. Now, just what, exactly, that status is, I'm not saying.

You see, some rather nasty naysayers are implying J.Lo's personal time spent with hunky Ben Affleck is simply due to the fact that they have a movie, Gigli, coming out. (And who knows how Gigli's peeps are gonna feel about selling that baby? More to come, I'm sure.)

I'm gonna catch hell for saying this (I always do), but isn't J.Lo's love life her own biz? If she's havin' fun with Ben, more power to her. If not, I'm sure they'll both survive swimmingly.

But this on-sale sea of J.Lo storming before us all is a diff matter altogether. That part of her life she certainly is offering up for consumption--and then some. I swear, the girl's headed for a half-price high tide.

Which brings us back to the concerned captains of the good ship Chambermaid. If history's any indicator, they may have reason for angst: J.L.'s most recent film forays--Enough and Angel Eyes, for ince--didn't exactly wallop 'em at the box office.

Oh, who knows, maybe J.Lo will surprise us all and be able to do it all--entertain us, spritz us and clothe us all in one sexy strut.

The babe certainly does have enough oomph for the job. You decide, why doncha?

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