Jennifer Lopez Making A 'dirty' Movie

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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Aug 15, 2002 6:17 pm

Jennifer Lopez wants to put "Dirty Girls" on the big screen.

Lopez is teaming up with producer Laura Ziskin to make the novel "Dirty Girls Club" into a movie. J. Lo hopes to co-produce the picture through her Nuyorican production company, a spokesperson for Lopez said, though he could not confirm whether or not the multitasking diva would star.

"Dirty Girls Club" is by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, a former features writer for the Boston Globe and Latin pop music critic for the Los Angeles Times. The book is about six Latinas from different backgrounds who become friends in college, reunite 10 years later and proceed to get together every six months after that. St. Martin's Press bought the manuscript for almost $500,000.

Ziskin, of course, has "Spider-Man" on her résumé. She co-produced the comic book tale, which has enjoyed record-breaking success (see " 'Spider-Man' Fastest Film To Reach $200 Million").

Lopez is developing a comic book related movie of her own, "Shrink," which she may also star in (see " 'Shrink' Creator Vows No Spandex For J. Lo In Comic Flick"). Also on the slate for Nuyorican is "Carmen" (see "J. Lo Making Modern Version Of 'Carmen' ") and a picture about a New York salsa singer with the working title "The Hector Lavoe Project."

Right now, Lopez is shooting "Jersey Girl" with "Clerks" writer/director Kevin Smith. "Jersey Girl" co-stars Ben Affleck, who previously worked with J. Lo on the forthcoming "Gigli," a comedy due out next year.

Before any of those flicks hit theaters, Lopez will be seen in "The Chambermaid," which is scheduled for a December release.

For a feature interview with Jennifer Lopez, check out "Cameo: Redman Interviews Jennifer Lopez."

For more Hollywood happenings, check out MTV's Movie House.

—Ryan J. Downey

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