J.lo, Icm Part Ways, But Who Dumped Whom?

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HOLLYWOOD, California (Reuters) -- Only this much is clear: Jennifer Lopez has left International Creative Management. Whether she jumped or was pushed is still a matter of contention as talent agents around town jockey to fill the void, Variety reports.

Based on an internal e-mail sent to staffers by ICM vice chairman Ed Limato and later obtained by Daily Variety, there is reason to believe she was pushed.

"We have decided that we no longer wish to represent Jennifer Lopez, and we have so informed her manager," Limato wrote.

But a spokesman for Lopez categorized the decision as "mutual," adding that she's still represented by manager Benny Medina at Handprint Entertainment and is not yet taking meetings with agencies.

A spokesman for ICM would say only that Lopez "was no longer represented here," declining to elaborate on the circumstances of her departure.

Lopez, who has sold millions of hip-hop albums as a recording artist, has so far produced only tepid box office results as a lead actress. After initially moderate successes like 2000's "The Cell" ($61 million domestic) and 2001's "The Wedding Planner" ($60 million), she appeared in underperformers including WB's "Angel Eyes" ($24 million) and Columbia's "Enough" ($39 million).

Her next album, "This Is Me ... Then," arrives in stores November 26.


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