J.lo Given A Wake Up Call To Ben's Strip Suit

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Postby MegMeg112 » Sun Aug 03, 2003 12:51 am

J.Lo Given a Wake Up Call to Ben's Strip Club Suit

Jennifer Lopez was told live on radio about fiance Ben Affleck's threatened lawsuit over claims he visited a strip club by sister Lynda. The Daredevil hunk is considering legal action after the American magazine the National Enquirer reported he and fellow actor Christian Slater had been captured on video tape in Brandi's Exotic Nightclub, Vancouver Canada on July 17. The magazine alleged Affleck heavily tipped the strippers - some of whom reportedly came back to Slater's house with the pair - in order to buy their silence. Lynda - host on New York's Blink 102.7 radio show - told Jennifer and listeners on Wednesday morning, "Oh gosh. They say Ben wants to sue The National Enquirer because they put a story in that he, when he was in Vancouver, he went to a strip club with other actors and that he was tipping the girls a lot and stuff." A tired sounding J.Lo replied, "He, w-he ... it sounds like Ben. He, uh, does tip a lot ... I don't know about this. I'll have to ask him." When Lynda's co-host and boyfriend Chris Booker asked Jennifer if all the publicity surrounding the two had taken its toll on their engagement, the Latina star was realistic. Jen answered, "We're human, so, yeah, sometimes it bothers us. But you know, for the most part you just try to take it with a grain of salt. I mean what can you do? Sometimes they're gonna, they're gonna write things or concentrate on the wrong things. It's just entertainment is what I try to always think about."

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