Jen And Ben: Is It All Over?

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Postby BeccaUK » Wed Aug 06, 2003 9:30 am

Sky News,,30500-12711572,00.htmlarticle:


Jennifer Lopez has reportedly dumped fiancé Ben Affleck following claims Affleck spent a night at a strip club while on location in Canada.

The story has been denied by Affleck's representatives but American tabloid, 'The National Enquirer', says it has CCTV footage of the incident.

Lopez, 33, has been devastated by the story and has called off their much-anticipated nuptials set for later this year, according to Britain's 'Daily Mail'.

The wedding could have been third-time lucky for the sultry diva who was previously married to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa, before she fell for and married husband number two, dancer Cris Judd.

Lopez, 33, has reportedly told friends the relationship is over and has stopped wearing the £700,000 25-carat, diamond and platinum engagement ring Affleck gave her.

The news comes at a difficult time for the glamour couple. The film that brought the stars together in real life, 'Gigli', has bombed at the US box office, earning less than $4 million on its opening weekend.

The romantic comedy, which sees Affleck starring as a hoodlum who falls for Lopez's lesbian mobster character during a kidnapping assignment, has been widely panned by critics.

The 'New York Times' calls the film a ''hopelessly misconceived exercise in celebrity self-worship'' while the 'Los Angeles Times' says it is ''nearly as unwatchable as it is unpronounceable''.

The release of their second collaboration, 'Jersey Girl', has been delayed until next year after an equally lukewarm reaction from critics.

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Postby goshawty » Thu Aug 07, 2003 1:58 am

I was listening to the Wendy Williams show on WBLS (NY radio station) and she's reading the whole story. I know it comes from a tabloid, which is usually and unreliable source,but this time it seems to be pretty real.They got a tape to prove it.

Ben went to a strip club in Canada with Christian Slater,his wife and Tara Reid.Apparentely he had several girls dancing for him and he was giving oral sex to one of them! This was all caught by the security camera. Also they have a lot of eye witnesses cuz as soon as Ben and his group entered the VIP room,where the lap dance was happening,all the club employees went to the DJ booth (were the monitor was located) and watched it. Usually contact is not allowed but since they're all celebrities,they're free to do whatver they wanted.

It's all on tape,which apparentely is in the process of being sold. Ben & Jen's people are trying to get it before the story gets even more out of hand.In the mean time,the tabloids are paying top money to interview those strippers.They all took a lie detector test and passed. They said after the club,some of the girls and their boyfriends left with the group to Slater's house where they had a party,lots of drugs involved.

Who knows what's gonna happen next,this is like freaking Jerry Spring,I swear...Whoever has this tape (if there's actually one) is rich for life. And so are their next 3 generations. lol

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Thu Aug 07, 2003 9:40 am

i dunno i would need to see proof of all this although it would make me very happy to see them just go away!

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Postby JT Fan Girl » Thu Aug 07, 2003 3:03 pm

From People News:

Affleck Stripper Speaks

No smoke without fire they say, and if the stripper in the Ben Affleck saga is to be believed there was plenty of heat. Tammy Morris confirmed that she and three other lapdancers 'frolicked' with Affleck on a night out in a Vancouver strip bar. 'It's a night I'll never forget and I'm sure one he'll want to forget,' Ms Morris revealed. 'He had this little boy look on his face.' Perhaps the same look as when fiancée J.Lo got to hear about the incident. She too had been filming in Canada, the couple spending most weekends together, but flew home to Los Angeles in tears earlier this week, ripping off her engagement ring as she went. Talkative Tammy described how Affleck gave her a large tip and told her: 'Keep this just between us.' Cue a visit to the National Enquirer. Back at actor Christian Slater's house 'one of the girls took off his shirt,' and 'his hands were all over two girls at the same time.'

Reports now suggest Affleck's engagement to Lopez is off - something which distresses ex-husband Cris Judd as much as it makes him laugh like a loon. 'Jen is getting back what she gave,' said the dancer, who was still married to Lopez when she and Affleck started seeing each other. 'I hate to see her hurt but I was devastated when I found out about her and Ben, and now she knows how it feels. She is getting what she deserves.' A series of heated phonecalls between Jen and Ben followed the stripping incident, and since then the couple have not been seen together. But publicity waits for no man. A recent interview with Affleck has just been published, in which he talks about current turkey Gigli. 'We tried to fix it but it was like putting a fish's tail on a donkey's head.' You're sure you're talking about the film, Ben?

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Postby PreCiouSbAbY » Wed Aug 13, 2003 7:04 pm

i watched E news daily & they're still together...

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Postby WildOneBartender » Wed Aug 13, 2003 7:15 pm

Yes he was on Jay Leno the other night and they are still togeather rumor has it she has picked out her wedding dress. He had his bachlor party already thats what it was the strip club and so my guess is soon it will happen.

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Postby beftek » Thu Aug 14, 2003 3:27 pm

Of course they're going to say everything is all right. I had a friend who was a producer in Hollywood and he says that there are a lot of shocking and indecent things performers do. But they are rich and powerful so they can look the public in the eye (they're actors you know) and say that everything is fine. But the reality is that we'll never really know until the heat is so much, they'll actually tell the truth. It's worse for Lopez because she's been married twice already and is not the committed type. So she finally finds a guy with bling, bling and people respect him in Hollywood (Oscar winner). So it's perfect for her to hook up with him. Now she gets bit in the ass because he's secretly (okay maybe not so secretly) a real bad boy. Naughty Ben! He is a recovering alcholic who should not be hanging around in strip clubs or bars if he's trying to recover from the booze. As many of you know, when you're under the influence of drugs and alcohol you do a lot of silly things and you wake up the next moring and say "sh** how do I fix this?" Remember Ben is still human and he is a man. I'm sure the site of strippers girating their jiggly body parts in his face while he's drinking tequila shots and beer made him go crazy. I don't feel sorry for Jen though she seems like she is overpossesive and tries to have him on a short leash. So when she wasn't looking, he went crazy. Maybe she’s afraid he’ll find out the truth about her, that she has not talent, he’ll dump her for a real talent that can work the pole at Brandy’s. :beerchug:

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