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Postby beftek » Mon Oct 13, 2003 3:53 pm

I know J-ho is rich and can get anything she wants. . .or can she. I recently came across this article in and had to laugh at her self indulging b**** fit.


Miami Police Tell Lopez To Pay Up

Superstar beauty Jennifer Lopez reportedly demanded Miami, Florida police provide security free of charge during her recent stay - but the cops refused. The "Jenny From The Block" singer argued that, as she contributes a lot of money through taxation, she shouldn't have to pay extra for protection. But local police saw the matter differently. Miami Beach Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez says, "Lopez's people said since they paid a lot in taxes, we should give them officers. I had to explain that there are a lot of people with money here. They have to hire off-duty officers like everyone else."

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Tue Oct 14, 2003 1:17 pm

please b**** shut up! i hate jlo she has the money to pay for the protection why should she get special treatment! god this woman is f***ing unbelievebly rude!

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Postby Nascar » Wed Apr 04, 2007 11:21 pm

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