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Postby PussyCat7 » Thu Feb 05, 2004 2:23 am

This just goes to show how stupid the b**** is...I happen to know the man, Joe Buissink, who took J.Lo's photos for her second marriage to Cris Judd, and he told me that she never even picked up her photos.

She paid $20,000 and never cared to even see her damn wedding photos..he still has them. Usually a bride can't wait to see wedding photos when they are done and it takes about a month or two depending on how much detail and time and things you want done with them and he said he called her numerous times to pick them up and her handlers told him that she would be in to get them and then he put them away and she never came to get them.

She's a sad human being who is catholic, like me, so you think she'd take pride the sanctity of marriage but thank god poor Ben is now free. Watch out Diddy..I'm sure she'll be back when she needs a new album produced and released! :o

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