Gold Flip Flops?

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Postby PreCiouSbAbY » Thu Jun 17, 2004 9:23 pm

Anthony Flips for Jen's Feet
It must be daunting for Marc Anthony to try to live up to the gift-giving excess of Ben Affleck, whose presents to Jennifer Lopez included a $2 million pink diamond ring, a blue Bentley, and a silver Rolls-Royce. But the Latin crooner is doing his darndest to find gifts that truly say, "Money is no object." Or common sense, for that matter.

The London Sun claims Anthony recently plunked down $24,000 to buy his blushing bride a pair of -- wait for it -- gold flip-flops. And no, that number is not a typo. According to the paper, the 18-ct. slip-ons are made by a Brazilian designer.

"The flip-flops are completely over the top, but that's how Jennifer lives her life," an insider tells the Sun. "They are very bling bling with thin shavings of real gold shaped like feathers. When Marc saw them in a shop he just had to buy them. He loves Jennifer's feet -- she takes good care of them and is always having pricey pedicures."

In other Lopez news, the Hollywood Reporter says the multi-hyphenate may tap former Sony Music head (and Mariah Carey ex) Tommy Mottola as her new manager. Coincidentally (not), he also reps Anthony.

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