Jennifer Lopez Visits The Tonight Show

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Jennifer Lopez Visits The Tonight Show

Postby admin » Fri Jan 26, 2001 3:52 am

Okay, my first guest has starred in movies like 'selena,' 'out of sight.' And boy, she's a real actress, you know? She's got videos. People in movies, you go, 'oh, it's just her.' She's good. She's really good. The new movie is 'the wedding planner.' It opens tomorrow. She also has a new cd out called 'j.Lo.' Pl[ cheers and applause ]

[ cheers and applause ]

>> jay: You look lovely.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: You look great.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: And I have to apologize for --

[ cheers and applause ] how have you been, all right?

>> I'm good. I'm good. You know what?I just want to say something really quick off the top because I just heard some things.

>> Jay: What?

>> In my travels, you now, I travel a lot and everything. I heard you talk a lot of stuff about me when I'm gone.

>> Jay: I talk about how beautiful --

>> and i heard that kevin has to defend me all the time.

>> Kevin: That's right. Thank you. Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: The other way around.

>> It's the other way around?

>> Jay: You got it totally wrong.

>> All right. That's why i came, for you to set the record straight.

>> Jay: Kev says, 'why don't you do a joke about this?' And I go, 'you know, that seems wrong.'

>> Kevin: That is so not true.

>> Jay: We always say we love you.

>> It's just a joke. Just jokes.

>> Jay: We always have a good time. And you look cute.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: I guess that's the look, right?

>> To see the bra?

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Because that's what you're pointing towards.

>> Jay: No, no.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: See, wait, this is a problem guys have. I'm a guy. Am i supposed to look at the bra or not supposed to look at the bra?

[ Cheers and applause ] little bow.

>> Jay: Can I do this just to get out of the way? Let me just get something out of the way. All right. Fine.

[ Applause ] now, we can continue. You don't say to a girl, 'oh, the button's undone.' 'It's supposed to be, you jerk.'

>> No, it's supposed to be.

>> Jay: Let me ask you about something. I'm looking at you on the cover of -- look at this. I love this. How do you get through the metal detector at the airport with that?

>> It's not meant to be worn under

>> jay: That's a pretty cool picture, too.

[ Cheers ] and then you got this one to show that you're an animal lover. And there's a joke here I am not gonna do.

[ Cheers ] now, was it fun with the cats? Was it scary with those big cats?

>> You know, they have tricks. Those were real. They were real. But they'll photograph me first and then they'll photograph -- I shouldn't give away the secrets.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> I think you all should know.

[ Applause ]

>> jay: But this is kind of a -- now, you got the big knife and everything. Do you like that kind of dominan

>> i like this -- jennifer the conqueror.

>> Jay: You like that?

>> Yeah, i like that.

>> Jay: Could you go out with this one?

>> You know, i saved that outfit.

>> Jay: Yeah?

>> You know, for other things.

>> Jay: Yeah.

[ Cheers ]

>> jay: Let me know what other things. You just voted -- oh, hanes. You were voted sexiest legs.

>> I was?

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Oh, that's nice. Thank you.

>> Jay: You have beautiful legs.Rs ]

>> i didn't know. I didn't know.

>> Jay: See, i like you because you're very secure. See, you're very sure of yourself. A lot of times, you get these whiny women who go, 'i don't like this.' But you look like you like yourself.

>> I mean, i'm comfortable with myself. But I think that comes from my upbringing with my mom and, you know, my family.

>> Jay: No, but that's cool.

>> No, i think it's a good thing. I think everybody should feel comfortable.

>> Jay: I read two things today.

>> Okay.

>> Jay: I read two --

>> only two? It was a good day. Yeah!

[ Applause ]

>> jay: Two gossip columns had completely different stories, both new york papers.

>> Of course.

>> Jay: I think 'the daily news' said you and sean are broken up. You dumped him or something. And the other paper had, oh, you're getting married.

>> Yeah. Well, next week I'll be having a baby.

>> Jay: Really? And you're not even showing.

>> You know, i think both those papers -- whatever.

>> Jay: Does it drive you batty, or do you have fun?

>> I mean, i just don't pay attention to it. I can'T. I can't keep up with it. That's why i said, 'only two?' It's just crazy.

>> Jay: Is any one more true than the other?

>> They're just all full of it.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: All right. That's cool. Let's take a break. We'll talk and kev will apologize during the break. And we'll be right back right after this. More with jennifer lopez.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Welcome back. Talking with jennifer lopez. How's mom doing? Okay?

>> She's good. I brought her last time I was here.

>> Jay: I know. That was fun. I like --

>> she's great.

>> Jay: Does she ever go, 'hey, you're not wearing that out of the house?'

>> No, she's kind of got used to me. She's had some time.

>> Jay: Okay. Let's talk about -- let's talk about 'wedding planner' now. This is -- this is a totally -- this is a complete departure from like 'the cell.'

>> Right, right.

>> Jay: I like that. I like that you're doing different -- different kind of things. Tell people what it's about.

>> This is a romantic comedy, which is new for me. It was my first comedy. So it was kind of fun. Kinda of scary, kinda of fun. And, basically, I play this wedding planner who -- very uptight, very in control, you know, plans everything out.

>> Jay: Neat freak?

>> Very neat freak, the whole thing. Know what I mean? Just very meticulous. And, one day, she bumps into this guy, literally. Exactly. And then, like, her whole life just goes crazy after that.

>> Jay: Now, are you like this person? Are you a neat freak? Are you a --?

>> I'm not really a neat freak. I like things neat.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah. I mean, are you picky about things?

>> Well, maybe a little.

>> Jay: Little bit. Because I noticed -- like with you coming out -- pulled the collar, it's gotta be -- and the microphone's got to be just right.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess, in a way.

>> Jay: So you're a little bit like this character? Like, what bugs you? Like you go in, and you start your day. Is there something that annoys you? You have some pet peeve thing that --?

>> Oh, god. Yeah, yeah. There's only one thing in the world that really, like, like fingers on a blackboard for people. You know, like, when you get, like, milk skin at the top of your coffee?

>> Jay: Okay.

>> You know what i'm talking about? I think will know about this, because we do cafe con leche all the time.

>> Jay: I know what you mean.

>> When you pour the milk in, and it's really hot, and it mixes with the coffee, you get this film. And you can, like, pick it out. It looks disgusting. That -- I can't live. The whole day's ruined.

>> Jay: Now, do you drink it, or do you pick it off?

>> I take a spoon and go.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: It's too horrible.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Okay, okay.

>> That's just a little pet peeve of mine.

>> Jay: That's not bad. That's not bad. Now, your co-star, of course, matthew mcconaughey. How did you guys met? Do you like -- did you meet beforehand or was this one of these deals --?

>> Yeah, i did. It was funny because i was in las vegas doing the billboard awards. And we were there, and we were talking about matthew for this movie and everything. I was already on, you know, to do it. And they said, 'yeah, he's driving by las vegas.' I'm like, okay. He was driving from texas to los angeles, which -- las vegas was kind of out of the way. But, he was like, 'yeah, whatever, I'll drive over and see her.' And he came to dinner. He, like, showed up at our dinner.

>> Jay: He's nuts, isn't he?

>> No, he's fun. He's so down to earth and cool. But I knew we were gonna hit it off, because he walked in with this t-shirt. He's all, like, been in the car driving for hours. And he has a t-shirt that says, 'what don't you understand about the word bongos?'

[ Light laughter ] which, you know, was kind of, you know, whatever.

>> Jay: When you're a cute guy, you can get away with that.

>> It was funny.

>> Jay: I would walk in, and they would go, 'look at that stupid t-shirt.' When you're a cute guy, you can wear anything, and women will go, 'oh, that's so cute?'

>> No, it was cute. It was cute. And I could tell he has a sense of humor. And we both -- just five minutes, and we were like let's do this.

>> Jay: Let's show people a scene from -- what scene -- oh, this is when -- this is how you get your shoe caught. You're crossing the street in san francisco. 'The wedding planner.' Let's take a look.

>> Guess what? Yeah, hold on, penny. My shoe is stuck.

>> My good shoes. Oh, my god. Oh, my new gucci shoe. Come on.

>> Oh, are you okay? Are you okay?

>> You saved my shoe, my life.

>> Jay: There you go, 'the wedding planner.' Look, I know you have to go. You're going to tampa?

>> Yeah, going to tampa.

>> Jay: Well, thanks for coming all the way out here. We really appreciate ya. Come back anytime. And I'll take care of kevin. Je be right back with freddie prinze, jr., Right after this

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