Jennifer Lopez Visits 'The Late Show'

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Jennifer Lopez Visits 'The Late Show'

Postby admin » Wed Feb 07, 2001 3:40 am

>> Dave: Yeah, okay. Our first guest is a grammy award-nominated singer and a talented actress whose latest current cd, 'j. Lo,' right here, are both number one in this country. Ladies and gentlemen, here's jennifer lopez. ( Cheers and applause )

>> hi.

>> Dave: You look fantastic.

>> Thank you.

>> Dave: Welcome to the show.

>> Thank you.


>> I'm good.

>> Dave: O( laughter )

>> thank you. If you don't say that now when i come out, I'm going to be offended.

>> Dave: But you do, you just... And I've probably said this before, you smell like the very best, most fragrant, most expensive soap a person could buy.

>> It's soapy, yeah.

>> Dave: Is that what it is?

>> It's clean. It's a clean smell.

>> Dave: Oh, man. Take my word for it, it'll kill you. It's unbelievable. I got a question for you.

>> Okay. ( Laughter )

>> dave: How does it feel to have both the number-one movie and the number-one c country?

>> I never thought you'd ask me that.

>> Paul: Ah!

>> Oh, it feels good.

>> Dave: Good. ( Laughter ) well, congratulations.

>> Thank you. Thank you, guys. Thank ( cheers and applause )

>> dave: What have you been doing?

>> I've been working a lot.

>> Dave: Yeah?

>> You know?

>> Dave: Working on another film, working on more musind promoting both? What are you doing?

>> Traveling around, promoting.

>> Dave: What's it like when you go somewhere else? Because I only see you here. When you're somewhere else, what's it like?

>> Um, you know, pretty much like when I'm here.

>> Dave: Except I'm not.

>> Except you're not there.

>> Dave: Like, say for example when you go to indiana, my home state. Have you ever been to indiana?

>> No.

>> Dave: Oh, okay. ( Laughter )

>> dave: What about illinois? Have you ever been to illinois?

>> No.

>> Dave: Like, chicago? Ever been to chicago?

>> I'm going to chicago.

>> Dave: Well, there you go. ( Cheers and applause )

>> dave: Do people... Do people go nuts when they see you other places?

>> Um, s sometimes it's regular, you know. Depends.

>> Dave: Are they nice? People always nice to you?

>> Always, very loving. A lot of love.

>> Dave: Did you have a nice holiday season? What did you do for the holidays?

>> Oh, for the holidays I had fun because I brought my whole family out to L.A., And they all stayed in my house, and we didn't have enough room...

>> Dave: How many peopfamily?

>> I mean, it was, like, my grandmother, my mother, my father, my aunts, my cousins, my uncles, and they slept on the floor, you know what i mean? It was fun. I'd wake up in the morning and they were cooking in the kitchen, and it was fun. It was. I loved it.

>> Dave: Family in the house.

>> Exactly. With j. Lo.

>> Paul: See, now that i know. That i understand. ( Applause )

>> dave: What are you doing after the show?

>> I'm going to go over... I'm doing 'saturday night live' this weekend, so...

>> Dave: Oh, that'll be great. Do you like doing that show?

>> I've never done... I mean, i sang on it before, but i'm going to do the skits and sing.

>> Dave: You're like the host of the show. That's a pretty big responsibility.

>> Yeah, i'm going to do both.

>> Dave: Are you nervous about that?

>> A little bit.

>> Dave: Because it's live, you know.

>> I know.

>> Dave: Yeah. And it's on saturday night. ( Laughter )

>> 'saturday night live.'

>> Dave: That's right. So it's not like you can tape it and then go home and watch it later. You're going to be right there, you know, doing the show. And if anything screws up, god forbid-- and i don't want to put...

>> Oh, god, stop, please.

>> Dave: I don't want to curse this now, but you know, good luck.

>> Will you come watch?

>> Dave: No, i'll be asleep.

>> Paul: Come on. ( Applause )

>> paul: Come on, go over. Go watch it.

>> So you guys are going to watch it on tv.

>> Dave: I'll tape it. You know what I'll do, i'll put the tivo on it.

>> You can tape it. If i mess up, you'll be able to see it over and over.

>> Dave: No, you'll be fine. You'll be fine. Well, that'll be great. Now, this... I've never seen an outfit like that. You're... You have one that'S... And then you have one that's not. ( Laughter )

>> yes, half and half.

>> Dave: It's kind of star trekkie isn't it, a little bit?

>> You know what? A little bit.

>> Dave: I'd like to have that on the desk, you know what i'm saying? If we can put that on the desk, then, by god, we'd have something.

>> Paul: We could do that. We can get that done.

>> Dave: All right, now when we come back here, I want to ask you about your friend, puffy, okay? ( Laughter ) all right, we'll just see what happens. We'll be right back here with jennifer lopez. ( Cheers and applause ) ( band playing )

>> dave: Jennifer lopez is here, and matchbox twenty. ( Applause ) yes sir, look at that. That's pretty good. That's pretty darn good.

>> That is good.

>> Dave: Yeah, yeah, yeah. ( Laughter ) you mentioned, are you chilly? Honestly, are you chilly, because I could be happy to... Are you really?

>> No, i'm fine.

>> Dave: I'll give you my jacket if your chilly.

>> No, i'm good. Thank you.

>> Dave: Are you sure you're all right?

>> Yes.

>> Dave: Because i'm there if you need it, you know me. ( Laughter ) I am the red cross.

>> Yes. ( Laughter )

>> dave: All right, let's talk about puffy. Now, how long have you and puffy been friends?

>> How long?

>> Dave: Yeah, how long have you known puffy?

>> Oh, i guess three years or so.

>> Dave: Three years, yeah, yeah. And how did you meet puffy?

>> Um...

>> Dave: Do you call him puffy?

>> You ask me this every time. ( Laughter ) we met...

>> Dave: What do you call him? You don't call him puffy then. What do you call him?

>> ( Laughs ) no, I do.

>> Dave: You do, you call him puffy.

>> Yeah.

>> Dave: Do you call him sean?

>> Yeah, sometimes.

>> Dave: What me do you call him puffy? ( Laughter )

>> i would say... I would say, 90% of the time I call him puffy, and 10% of the time i call him sean.

>> Dave: And i would guess that that 10% of the time means that there's trouble, right? ( Laughter ) some kind of trouble? Maybe a little trouble? Yeah. ( Laughter ) was he ever puffy? ( Laughter )

>> no, no, no. No.

>> Dave: Never puffy.

>> You mean heavy?

>> Dave: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heavy.

>> No. I don't think so, no.

>> Dave: And why do they call him puffy?

>> You know, it's kind of a mystery. ( Laughter )

>> dave: All right, let's move on then.

>> Okay. ( Laughter )

>> dave: Okay, so how did you meet him?

>> Oh, i met him... He asked me to do a video with him.

>> Dave: Right, right. And you kind of met, and...

>> And he was, you know, doing music.

>> Dave: Yeah, and did you go out to dinner?

>> No.

>> Dave: Miniature golf?

>> No. ( Laughter ) just went to work.

>> Dave: Just went to work, and then from there, you kind of got together... ( Laughter ) ...Socially?

>> We became friends.

>> Dave: Yeah, that's what i meant, you became friends. And now... And now you're friends. ( Laughter ) now, sometimes in the newspaper, they say that you don't see one another at all anymore. They say that you're not so friendly... ( Laughter ) ...As you used to be. Now, is that true?

>> You know you can't believe everything you read. You can't believe everything you read.

>> Dave: Boy, I head you, sister. ( Laughter ) but are you... Because there's some...

>> ( Laughs )

>> dave: ...There's some trouble now. There's some trouble now. I don't think I need to tell people, but there's trouble now. And we don't need to go into it, do we? No. ( Laughter ) and you can't really say anything about it, can you? No. ( Laughter ) so i really shouldn't have even brought it up. I don't know why i brought it up. But there is some trouble now. ( Laughter ) now, haws the trouble affected the relationship?

>> No.

>> Dave: Okay. Paul? ( Laughter )

>> paul: You may step down. Feel free to go. ( Applause )

>> dave: But when was the last time you saw puffy?

>> Yesterday... Oh, today.

>> Dave: Today, saw puffy. And so, if i were to see puffy, I could call him puffy?

>> Uh, yeah. ( Laughter )

>> dave: Do you ever call him puff daddy?

>> No.

>> Dave: Is he puff daddy, or just puffy?

>> He's P. Diddy now. ( Laughter )

>> dave: On his passport, what does it say? Is it puffy or puff daddy?

>> Sean john combs.

>> Dave: Oh, sean john combs. Okay, there you go. This is the current issue of 'rolling stone' magazine.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: Oh my god! ( Cheers and applause ) and on the inside, look at this. They got you with dangerous jungle animals. Look at that, by god. You got... Look at these. These are leopards, is that what those are? Tigers? What are those? ( Cheers and applause )

>> tigers.

>> Dave: Tigers, yeah, yeah. That's amazing. These are enormous animals. What was it like to be around those animals?

>> Well, they were there in the studio. They were real, but they're not... They're real but they're real, because they take my picture, and then they take the picture of the animal, and then they put us together, because i was afraid.

>> Dave: Yeah, i don't blame you. ( Laughter ) I don't blame you, because they're... What they've done, this is a digital composite, is that what it is?

>> Exactly. A computer. Well, it's certainly a striking photo. Do you like getting was this your idea to get dressed up like that?

>> No, that hurt.

>> Dave: Yeah. ( Laughs )

>> it did.

>> Dave: Yeah, ow.

>> Very sharp.

>> Dave: Yeah. ( Laughter ) and not necessarily yo ( laughter )

>> just a little small.

>> Dave: It's a little small. ( Applause )

>> although, it was made for me.

>> Dave: How'd you like making 'the wedding planner' movie?

>> It was fun.

>> Dave: Yeah, it's just like a sweet, nice movie, isn't it?

>> It is. You know, it was my first romantic comedy. I wasn't sure, you know, if I'd be funny at all.

>> Dave: Doing very well, though. You have like the number-one movie in the country.

>> Yeah.

>> Dave: Yeah. And who else is in the film? We had the other guy...

>> Matthew mcconaughey.

>> Dave: Yeah, yeah. He was on the program, too.

>> Was he on?

>> Dave: Yeah, he was nice. Nice guy. Did you get along when you were making the movie?

>> We got along great.

>> Dave: Now, when you're working on a deal like that and there are romantic scenes and situations, does, like, puff daddy... ( Laughter ) does he worry about that, or is... It's not that kind of friendship. He shouldn't worry, or he should worry?

>> No...

>> Dave: See, I would worry.

>> I mean, i think they're always weird, those kinds of scenes, when you're involved with somebody...

>> Dave: When you're making out with a stranger.

>> Yeah, you know, to be intimate in front of, like, 100 people.

>> Dave: Right. Well i wouldn't know, but I'll take your word for it. ( Laughter )

>> but it's like that, you know?

>> Dave: Now, if the situation was reversed, would it bother you? Would you be a little...

>> I think i wouldn't want to watch.

>> Dave: You wouldn't want to watch. Would you want to go and hang around while it was happening, just to kind of...

>> Hell no.

>> Dave: Just establish a presence?

>> No. ( Laughter )

>> dave: You think there's something wrong with me, don't you? ( Laughter )

>> no. ( Applause )

>> dave: All right, do we have a clip? We're going to show the clip on the desk here. This will be good, right here. From 'the wedding planner.' It's a huge hit. Here, take a look at this. Watch the clip from the... On the desk. Here we go.

>> On the desk?

>> Dave: Yeah, we're going to watch...

>> He told me your name was steve.

>> It is steve. My last name is edison, fran calls me eddy. It's a nickname.

>> I have a better nickname for you. How about common, cheating, sleazy...

>> Hey, if you're thinking...

>> What I'm thinking involves a machete and a pair of pliers.

>> Okay. And then you have the accident.

>> That was a special day.

>> Well, i was running late.

>> How convenient.

>> I was on my way to meet fran and our wedding planner, which you turned out to be.

>> Hi!

>> What are the odds?

>> Dan! Dance!

>> Something's not the issue. You didn't show that day, because you don't want to get married.

>> Yes i do.

>> I see it all the time.

>> You see what?

>> Why'd you tell your finance you saved an old lady?

>> Dave: Yeah. You look great. ( Applause )

>> thank you.

>> Dave: When you're dancing in that red dress, absolutely poetry in motion. Good to see you again.U're terrific. Thank you very much. Jennifer lopez, ladies and gentlemen. ( Cheers and applause ) thank you very much. What was the name of that...

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