J.Lo Cribs Skit

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J.Lo Cribs Skit

Postby admin » Sun Feb 11, 2001 2:22 am

>> welcome to 'mtv cribs,' the show that lets you hop the fence and sneak a peek at the homes of your favorite stars. This week, we head into manhattan to drop in on the hottest new r&b trio, gemini's twin.

>> Hey!

>> What's up, mtv?

>> Welcome to the beautiful home of t in downtown --

>> all: Manhattan!

>> Whoo-oo!

>> Okay, today, we're going to give you a tour. Kick back and chill, 'cause we 'bout it, 'bout it.

[ Laughter ]

>> now, you all have probably noticed that, yeah, again, we have a new member.

>> Yo, mtv, give it up for our resident mistress of rhymes, lady speed stick.

>> 'Cause lady speed stick controls the funk 24/7 hours a dizz-ay.

[ Laughter ]

>> all right, so let's begin the tour. So, basically, this is it.

[ Laughter ] yes, it's little, but it's where we fiddle.

>> All: Mm-hmm.

>> See, it's small 'cause we are trying to overcome our monetary deficiencies and watch ourselves from a financial perspective.

>> 'Cause we broke like tlc.

[ Laughter

>> or hammer. You saw 'behind the music'?

>> I did.

>> We got a lot of overhead, like our designer wardrobes, hairdos, facials, salt water aquarium. Karate, fellatis, lookin' for hotties.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Word, 'cause she's from scottsdale, but she's real treat on the inside, yo.


[ whispering ]

>> white girl.

[ Laughter ]

>> okay, so, this is a little room, and it's real special to us because it's also the bedroom.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> See? The couch folds out into a bed.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> You can sleep on it, too. Over here is the minibar, and this is where we do our makeup. And we display our collection from our worldwide european tour.

>> Okay, this is a bank, and like a pig, from spain. You put coins in it. It's real cool.

[ Laughter ]

>> this is a russian doll from china who has other dolls inside her.

[ Laughter ] it's a trick.

>> Mm-hmm.

[ Laughter ]

>> we also got fragrance and merit ultralights from duty-free in italy.

>> We got duty-free, y'all!

Duty, duty, duty, duty-free, what?

Duty, duty, duty, duty-free, hey

>> check it out, y'all, we got an intercom.

>> This is our intercom, y'all. This is where we talk with our delivery guy!

>> What's up, little caesar? Pizza, pizza.

>> Okay, y'all. Now, it's time for one of our favorite areas, the kitchenette.

>> Yeah, 'cause gemini's twin love to eat food.

>> What? What?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> All right, let's see what we got in the fridge. Open sesame.

Da na na na na nah

>> okay, we got lots of nutritious foods 'cause we like to eat balanced.

>> Yeah, like here's some kraft singles, fish sticks, goober grape, peanut butter and jelly mixed into it.

>> We got cat food. Gummi worms. Orange soda. Arm & hammer box to keep it fresh.

>> Can't believe it's not butter, bacos, string cheese, fruit roll-ups.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Ooh, and this my favorite, when i was it's tomato sun-dried tomato spread from williams sonoma.

Willie sonoma

[ whispering ]

>> white people food.

[ Laughter ]

>> up here is our most prized possession of all, y'all. It's a painting of the gemini symbol.

>> It's very colorful and dramatized.

>> And, see, it's also where we get our inspiration,


>> Zodiologically, these twins remind us that we also are three werful women.

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> all right. Y'all, before we go, we have made up a little song for y'all, gemini-style. So let's kick it.

>> Mm-hmm.

'Cause we cold gettin' down on mtv

all of our friends

you can see we got class 'cause we're more 'bout it 'bout it than the thrills on 'jackass'

jackass, jackass, jackass, jackass, jackass

i was born to get to the show mighty quick tte, petronica and lady speed stick

all the twins of gemini co-habitate on the lower east side

lower east side you chilled and you kicked it

but the fun is over y'all you're gettin' evicted

get the hell out go mtv

get the hell out we love you, mtv

get the hell out

[ cheers and applause ]

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