Jennifer Lopez Fly Girls Skit

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Jennifer Lopez Fly Girls Skit

Postby admin » Sun Feb 11, 2001 2:24 am

[ Doorbell rings ]

>> what's up!

>> It's me, yonette.

>> And deronica.

>> And little spicy! The fly girls!

And you can do what you w in living color

>> oh, my gosh!

>> We love you.

>> You want to sit doup?

>> No, we can't. We have a cab waiting.

>> Are you still dancing?

>> No, girl. I don't dance no more. A few years ago, i broke my back in a sex accident.

[ Laughter ]

>> me, neither. I'm a full-time mom. Those my kids out there on your car. Their daddy was one of the way yens brothers.

>> Which one?

>> Not marlon.

>> How about you, spicy? I mean, I heard you're a choreographer, now.

>> Yeah. Did you see the super bowl half-time show?

>> Oh, my god. Yeah.

>> Yeah, me, too. I'd love to get a job like that.

[ Laughter ] so that's what i've been up to.

[ Laughter ]

>> well, you guys look great.

>> Not as great as you, miss thang.

>> I know, number one movie.

>> Cover of 'rolling stone.'

>> Wearing a versace dress to the grammys.

>> All: No, you didn't!

>> Oh, my god. How did you guys find my house?

>> We saw this picture in 'in style' magazine. And we've been driving around trying to match it up.

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ] did you know you have the exact same house a chuck woolery? 'Cause you do.

>> No, i didn't know that.

>> Well, anyway, this why we here. See, we got this awesome idea for a fly girl reunion movie. And we want all the original fly girls to be in it.

>> A cross between 'flashdance' and 'spaceballs.'

[ Laughter ]

>> uh-huh. Now, the only thing we need is one thing -- you and your money.

[ Laughter ]

>> well, maybe you should send a script to my manager.

>> Okay, here's the thing. I had typed it on a computer at kinko's, but I didn't have a disk.

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah, so we'll act some of it out for you right now. And then you can agree to be in it, okay? All right. Scene 12, the fly girls find a secret hiding place where ramone hid the laser beam. Go!

>> Deronica, i found the place where ramone hid the laser beam.

>> Where he been hidin' it at?

[ Laughter ]

>> over there.

>> All: Oh, no, he didn'T.

[ Laughter ]

>> that's just one scene. There's several more.

>> Right. Right. Well, you know, that's great, you guys. But I don't know if I can be in it.

>> Oh, wait a minute! Wait a minute.

>> Hold up. Hold up.

>> Remember the night we promised each other that if one of us made it big, we would buy houses for the other three?

>> I don't remember saying that.

>> Okay, okay, wait. Remember when we came in here and one of us said if the others got famous, we would give each other $1 million?

>> No.

>> She forgot what it's like to be a fly girl.

>> Stop. One more -- ready?

>> One, three, four --

[ rapping ]

[ cheers and applause ]

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