Wammy Awards

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Wammy Awards

Postby Anthony A » Sat Feb 17, 2001 1:28 pm

Ok people, I really dont ask for favors here but I need one big ! Ok, In english were talking about short stories and were suppose to make a short story from any show, it can be comedy or drama and we choose to do one on the Grammys but have celebrities that just can not stand eachother ! Ok, so the celebs that we have are both Selma Hayek & Jennifer Lopez with Big Pun, Christina Aguilera & Eminem & Britney Spears ! So it all starts with Selma Hayek hosting the Wammy Awards ( this is the grammy's on crack ) and she is about to introduce Jennifer Lopez & Big Pun's perfromance and while she's introducing them she is just doggin them head to toe ! then they perform a short clip then selma goes back on still doggin them then she introduces both Christina & Britney and then they start fighting about who's hot and who's not ! then the award goes to eminem and the whole thing goes to a wierd direction ! It will be funny with the right script because we must have a script with our show ! I'll even put up what we have as of right now :

The 43rd Annual
Wammy Awards

Selma: Welcome to the 43rd annual Wammy Awards, I'm your host Selma Hayek. I'm very excited to be here with all these wonderful so called artist! We have Vanilla Ice in the audience. . . . . I'm sorry that's Eminem ! We have dumb & dumber in the audience.

( Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears both stand up proudly ! )

Selma : And here's a special guest and a personal adversary of mines, Here to perform her chart floper so called rap hit ' Feelin So Good ' please welcome Jennifer Hopez & Big Pun !

( Both Jennifer Lopez & Big Pun perform a small clip of the song ! )

Selma : Wow people, how was your little nap going, so sorry to interrupt it but we got to get back to the real show . . . . Here to present our next award, Best Song, Please welcome a girl I would love to hit one more time and a girl I would shove in a bottle : Britney Spears & Christina Hagulera !

Britney: So Christina, How does it feel to be my shadow ?

Christina: I dont know, ask your boyfriend !

Britney: Is it true ?

Christina: Is what true ?

Britney: That you & Mr. Eminem had a thing for eachother ?

Christina: I dont mess with them. . . . . I EAT THEM !

Britney: Well, Lets get to the nominees

Christina: Thank god, I can not stand being next to you, Mickey Mouse club they paid me but these awards I’m obligated !

( Nominees are annouced )

Britney: And the winner is . . . . ?

( Britney looks confused )

Christina: Who's the winner ?

Britney: I dont know, that's all the envelope says ' And the winner is ? '

Christina: Your suppose to open the envelope you twit ! Give it to me, I wanna open it !

Britney: No I wanna open it

Christina: Who's Older ?

Britney: Who went big first ?

Christina: You obviously but just because you paid for them doesn't mean they are real sweetie !

Selma: Give me that, let a real woman do the honor ! And the winner is Vanilla Ice ! I mean Eminem !

Christina: YAY !

( Selma & Britney look in shock )

Christina: I mean “ DAMN ! “

Eminem: I’d like to thank Christina & my mom for always contributing to my music ! Without them, I would have no lyrics.

ALL: Well, that’s our show and thanks for watching it !

Ok, how corney ? Tell me what I can change or what I shouldn't change ! Please add or not ? critize. . . . I dont mind !

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