Jennifer Lopez In Hong Kong

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Jennifer Lopez In Hong Kong

Postby admin » Tue Feb 20, 2001 10:41 pm

>> Reporter: Jennifer lopez's royal treatment tops today's 'hollywood headline.' Dazzled with a ceremonial dance in hong kong, as she took the stage to promote her new album, but jennifer was quickly put on the defensive when forced to answer questions about her diva-like behavior on tour.

>> They said that you had a 60-plus-people entourage

demanded fresh flowers in all the rooms. Own, what can i tell you?

>> Reporter: What is your entourage here in hong kong that is traveling with you?

>> Not 60, and i don't think it was 60 then. I think things tend to be exaggerated sometimes.

>> Reporter: But the press kept pounding, and asked the tough question regarding jennifer's singin

>> i make the kind of music i make and I sing the way i sing. You know, and it's not about the critics for me. It's about the fans.

>> Reporter: And when asked about reports that say she's insured parts of her body?

>> No, i know that was a b rumor.He newspaper to show my kids one day. But it's not true, sorry.

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