Jennifer Lopez Oscar Outfit Review

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Jennifer Lopez Oscar Outfit Review

Postby admin » Mon Mar 26, 2001 10:48 pm


>> Reporter: Leaving notthe imagination, jennifer lopez chose grandest stage to parade her new man. Sure, the newspapers have had them linked for two months, since she and puffy called it quits. At the oscars, it became official, tightly clinched hands said it all. J-lo has got a new beau, dancer clid judd. Is this a chance to end the speculation, who is she dating now? You're going, I'll wait, bring him out other the oscars? Guess. Dating?

>> A little while now.

>> Chris, are you going to tell us?

>> A little while.

>> Obviously life is good for you right now?

>> It's good. I can't complain. Say hi to your dad.

>> Say hi to everybody.

>> Hi, everybody.

>> Political statements, do whatever you want. I know you're still friends with sean. Did you talk to him after --

>> absolutely. I'm very happy. The end of the day, justice was done, that he didn't have to go through anything else. I mean, we were very happy.

>> Reporter: Jennifer's men, old and new came face to face when puffy dropped by vanity fair's post oscar bash, inse together about an hour, judge lo and judd left, and later followed by puffy.


steven cojocaru

Let's not waste any time. Jennifer lopez. Okay. What was everybody talking about? Her best accessories. The you know whats. I'm not going to go there. I'm a nice boy. I feel telestrator challenged. There's nothing I can add. Maybe a mustache. She's still gorgeous. There is just one word to describe jennifer lopez, and that's flawless. Aye carumba!



>> Reporter: It's hard to spot angelina jolie in this mob,there she is, running off the red carpet to shake hands with her fans, just as jennifer lopez made her way toward the auditorium with her new beau. Jennifer chose the awards to go public with the romance. While ed harris chatted with jann carl and dame judi dench waited in the wings, we zeroed in on jennifer cozying up to dancer chris judd.Thoughts were still with her ex, sean 'puffy' combs.

>> Have you talked to sean since the nonguilty verdict?

>> Yes, yes, of course. I mean, you know, that was a big thing for him. And we, of course, will be friends probably forever. And I care about him very much, and I was ecstatic, in tears, that the whole ordeal was behind him.

ET Best Dressed:

>> Reporter: Claiming her spot on our list at number three is jennifer lopez in an asymmetrical chanel creation.The see-through fabric forced cameramen at the event to shoot only fro a brooch adorned the back of her dress.

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