Jennifer Lopez Visits 'The Tonight Show'

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Jennifer Lopez Visits 'The Tonight Show'

Postby admin » Fri May 18, 2001 2:49 am

>> jay: Well, I like that. You know, I like you scared.

[ Laughter ] I like your hair that way. A product of me being scared?

>> Jay: No, I like that. No, I like that.

[ Laughter ] no, but, see, guys like that kind of --

>> curly, messy.

>> Jay: Yeah, there's a word. But I can't even use it. But it looks great. I like it.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: You look very nice.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Now, is it true you're fine shows?

>> Yes, I am. Yes, i am. We're doing first a music special. I'll be doing it. An produce more after that. And then we're also doing a sitcom.

>> Jay: Are you gonna be in the sitcom?

>> I won't be in the sitcom. I might narrate it. You know, it's still in development, so we'll see exactly what we're gonna do. But they like the idea of it.

>> Jay: What's the idea?

>> The idea is kind of like -- a young girl, you know, from the bronx --

[ laughter ] okay. This might sound familiar.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Sounds like a stretch so far.

>> Yeah. But basically, it's kind of loosely based -- you know, and I haven't told my family this yet -- on my family, in a way. And me when I was growing up. It's kind of those -- 'the wonder years.' You know what I mean? That type of thing, but from a girl's perspective.

>> Jay: Oh, I see. And then she meets a handsome talk show host. Yeah, I think I know the story.

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah.

>> Jay: Like, I mean -- what things in your own life?

>> I mean, i grew up -- I had a great family. But I spent a lot of time in my room by myself. You know what I mean? In front of the mirror, singing and dancing and listening to a lot of music and stuff like that. And fantasizing and --

>> jay: Would you sing along? Or would you sing or lip-sync when you were doing this?

>> No, i'd sing along. And I'd think of videos. You know, when videos first came out and all of that kind of stuff.

>> Jay: Now, what -- did your family think you were strange? 'Jennifer, what's going on in there?' Did you get a lot of that?

>> No, 'cause I was punished a lot.

[ Light laughter ]

>> jay: Now, what did you do?

>> Nothing!

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: And this problem has taken you into adulthood. Now, what? What did you do? What were you punished for?

>> You know, 'cause I had a boyfriend.

>> Jay: Well, why would you be punished?

>> Because i was young --

>> jay: I love the kid's side. 'I had a boyfriend, so i was punished.'

>> No, no, that's not why. Because -- i guess 'cause my mother had three girls, and she was always worried about us. You know, 'oh, you're getting involved with boys. And you're too young.' You know, she had bigger plans for us, of course. I'd get punished and i'd spend -- you know, it's like I'd be in there two weeks, and then all of a sudden, i'd do something else. And it's like, 'you're here the whole summer, and that's it!' So i had a lot of alone time.

>> Jay: Oh, I see. And did you learn your lesson from these boys?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: 'Cause you like the bad boys, don't you?

>> Oh, no.

>> Jay: Let's go there. Now, i know you and the puffster have broken up.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: But do you like bad boys?

>> It's not, you know, a bad boy thing. You know what I mean?

>> Jay: Like ye? Have you been through that?

[ Laughter ] all women have an italian men phase.

>> Is that right?

>> Jay: Yes. Have you been through the italian men phase? No.

>> Jay: Aha!

[ Laughter ] so you didn't even know. You see what i'm talking about? You gotta go through the italian men phase. Do you like bad -- i mean, do you like the sort of naughty guys, the dangerous guys, the guys on the edge?

>> No, no. I mean, you know, there's a certain appeal to bad boys in a way, but --

>> jay: Aha!

>> But i didn't see puff as a bad boy. I mean, you guys did.

>> Jay: Did I mention puff?

[ Laughter ]

>> i was attracted to something else. And yes, you did! You said, 'the puffster.'

>> Jay: I had moved on. I moved on. I dropped puff. I moved on. I went to the italian men phase. And then you, suddenly, out of nowhere -- 'puff --' what? I thought you broke up?

>> No, because that's what you meant.

>> Jay: No! No, I didn't mean that at all.

[ Light laughter ] I wasn't going there at all.

>> Okay, next.

>> Jay: It was like a freudian thing. I'll tell you what -- I'll let you compose yourself.

>> All right.

>> Jay: And when we come back, we'll talk about some more stuff. More with jennifer right after this.Pplause ] pplause ]

>> jay: We're back. Talking with jennifer lopez. Now, what, you have your own clothing line? Is it J.Lo?

>> Yes, it's called J.Lo. And we kind of launched it a couple weeks ago.

>> Jay: There's always room for J.Lo.

[ Laughter ]

>> you're full of little phrases.

[ Light laughter ]

>> jay: There's always room for J.Lo. Now, what kind of things is it like? What kind of --

>> it's sportswear right now. And it's gonna be in the stores in october.

>> Jay: No lingerie?

>> No, not yet. But we'll do some one day. We'll get into accessories and all that. Right now, it's like jeans and tops and sweaters and sweatpants. You know, casual wear, sportswear.

>> Jay: See, girls can say tops. A guy never says, 'do you like my top?'

[ Laughter ] men can't say -- 'cause this is essentially a top, but i can't say -- see, you can go, 'it's a top.'

>> Right. I'm looking at your ensemble here.

>> Jay: Okay, now you're a fashion designer. What do you think? Am i too -- too mutual funds salesman? What?

[ Laughter ]

>> you know, a little bit. You could go a little edgier, I think.

>> Jay: Edgier, you think? Like what? Like what? What you got for me, baby?

>> I don't know. I don't know. I would have to take some time with this.

>> Jay: Take all the time you want.

[ Laughter ]

>> i love to style people. I love to do that.

>> Jay: Really? You should come and -- what -- what do you think? Can you tell i'm wearing a leather thong right now?

[ Laughter ] no, see, you can't.

[ Applause ]

>> whoo! Whoo, I didn't expect that one!

>> Jay: No, no. Like, is this suit too -- this is from the sears young men's collection. Is that -- no?

>> You know, it's very businesslike. You know what I mean? It's too --

>> jay: Well, I'm taking care of business.

>> It could be more -- no.

[ Laughter ] television, entertainment.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah. Lose the tie? Open shirt? What?

>> No. I would just do it different -- I would like in a suit, but maybe something a little more -- i don't know -- dolce & gabbana or versace. You know, a little flashier.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. See, i thought those were things you eat, actually. Dolce & gabbana.

[ Laughter ] so you want me to go flashier?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: All right, next time you're on, i'll have something --

>> those are italian designers, too.

>> Jay: I know. I'm teasing. Now, tell me about 'angel eyes.' Well, I saw 'angel eyes.' And you were really good. Now, i wasn't saying that just because -- 'cause we get a lot of people that are in other fields, and then they go into acting, and they actually do okay. But I even saw -- this is backed up by siskel -- ebert and roeper, rather. Excuse me. Saying that you were really an actress actress. And you really do a wonderful job in this film. 'Cause you go from being a feminine woman to being this tough policewoman. And you don't run like a girl.

>> No.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: You know? You know what I mean? I really believe that you could beat these guys up when I see this. Tell people what this film is about.

>> No, i play kind of a tough cop. But, basically, it's a love story. It's about two people, regular people, a cop and this guy who's kind of -- you just don't know what he's doing with his life. And they've both been through kind of a little hard times in their lives. And basically, through love, they kind of heal each other in a way. And they're able to move on with their lives. They help each other.

>> Jay: But he's a creepy guy in the beginning.

>> Yeah, he's kinda -- you don't -- can't quite figure it out at first. You know?

>> Jay: Now, what's this scene we're gonna see? Oh, is this the scene in the alley?

>> This is the scene at the beginning. We've just been hit by a drive-by. And we survived, and we're running out after these guys who just shot --

>> jay: Oh, where they shot up the restaurant. Okay. Let's take a look. Here you go. 'Angel eyes.'

>> South on university hill!

[ Sirens waing ]

>> get up!

>> Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

[ Gunfire ]

[ grunting ]

>> drop the gun! I said drop it! Get up! Are you all right? Are you all right?

>> Yes!

>> Put your hands on top of your head!

>> He's okay.

>> I told you to wait!

>> This is 76, 73. This is --e ]

>> jay: Great job.

>> Thank you.>> Jay: Yeah. Is that -- is that you going over the fence, or is that a stunt lopez?

>> No, that was me!

>> Jay: That was you? That was pretty good. That was pretty good. Now I know you have to go. Now, where do you go when you have you to go? Okay, you're a big star now. You say, 'I have to go.'

>> I have to go! Well, tonight I'm going to this event for 'fhm,' which is a big magazine all over europe.

>> Jay: You know what I think? I think you're scared of the alligator. I think you're frightened.

>> You know what? I am.

>> Jay: Aha!

[ Laughter ]

>> i have no trouble letting you know that.

>> Jay: I know. I'm just giving you a hard time. Jennifer, it's always a pleasure. Congratulations. You know, every time you come here, you're a bigger star than you [ applause ] thank you so much.

>> Jay: Jennifer lopez!

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Postby Stefano » Fri May 18, 2001 10:28 am

I saw it .....she's seems so down to earth, like a friend you had in school.

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