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Postby pinkGLAM » Sat May 19, 2001 1:39 am

Jennifer Lopez may be finding her new suspense thriller a little too thrilling.

The actress had the fright of her life the other day when a heavy lighting rig crashed on the set of her movie 'Enough.'

'Everyone ducked for cover when the lights exploded, and shards of glass flew everywhere,' according to a source. 'A few inches either way, and it could have been curtains for her.'

The equipment, which was meant to simulate moonlight, fell from the roof of a house in Marina del Rey, Calif.

A rep for Lopez, who plays a wife who must fight her abusive husband, confirms the mishap but says, 'she was never in danger.'


Meanwhile, the Bronx-born spitfire has been voted the Sexiest Woman in the World for the second year in a row by readers of the lad mag FHM. Lopez — who has said, 'I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge' — leads a list of 100 objects of desire. Second place goes to Denise Richards, who's followed by Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, Tiffani Thiessen, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Christina Aguilera and Carmen Electra. Now you know. (Read the review of Lopez' latest, 'Angel Eyes.')

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Postby Kailly » Sun May 20, 2001 11:12 pm

lol 'bout the coffee!

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