Extra Reports On J.Lo

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Extra Reports On J.Lo

Postby admin » Thu May 24, 2001 2:22 am

>> Extra extra, people stormed for a chance to appear in j-lo's new move. She knows how to draw a crowd even without the green dress.

>> Deborah feldman has more on a big casting call that drew hundreds of locals to port town send.

>> Reporter: The line was long and sports high as hundreds of people answer the call for movie extras, hoping for a few brief moments of movie magic they can relive the rest of their lives -- lives.

>> Skateboard behind the back and see my face. When i'm watching the movie in like the theater, i see myself. That would be cool.

>> Reporter: Hopefuls have their pictures taken and fill out a basic application form. After, that it's up to luck and the casting directors. Nearly 100 extras will be used for several scenes. To the joy of doting parents, there is a particular need for little kids.

>> As every parent knows, our child is the cutest.

>> Reporter: Some children don't mind hamming it up.

>> He loves being on stage and on camera and he's in love with jennifer lopez, he wants to marry her if she'll wait.

>> Reporter: And while no one asked for a accordian players players -- or animals, complete with resumes.

>> He's a nice looking dog, a nice wau to umortal use him.

>> Reporter: Both showed up. After all, whops how much longer it would be before j-lo returns to jefferson county.

>> Extra's must be available for filming in port townsend from june 14th through the 19th.

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