Jennifer Lopez Filming In Washington

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Jennifer Lopez Filming In Washington

Postby admin » Wed Jun 13, 2001 1:26 am

>>> Western washington is saying lights, cameras, lopez tonight.

>> J. Low is here and sending hearts a flutter. Elisa hahn takes us on a shoot.

>> Reporter: Hollywood has found port townsend again. Time to roll out the red carpet, call in the caterer and set up the spotlights. Port townsend is taking the

stage for the filming of a new movie. There she was today walking

a young co-star downtown. King 5 cameras caught the first sighting last week when she walked off her plane at sea-tac. She is in town for severaldays shooting a movie about a way interests. The set was busy preparing this car for a crash scene renting out an entire ferry for another scene and then j. Low herself shooting another scene in a pickup truck again, and again, pretty tedious stuff by hollywood standards and thrilling for fans.

>> I think there are a few extra people who come in to do some lopez sightings, but we are probably no more different on a long weekend as we were this weekend.

>> Reporter: No different except for the camera cree the casting and hottest stars strolling downtown.

>> You never know what you will find in port townsend.

>> J. Low isn't the only one getting the star treatment. The movie company has offered residents free door-to-door transit service. In the newsroom, elisa hahn, king 5 news.

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