Jennifer Lopez Crag Maga

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Jennifer Lopez Crag Maga

Postby admin » Wed Jun 20, 2001 12:52 am

>>> How have jennifer lopez and her man been spending their time? Jennifer doesn't pull any punches, giving us the latest making her new film for another a boyfriend chris judd kee but the style she's using really

>> it's crag maga. It's kind of technique that they use in the army over there.Ed for three months to become a lean, mean fighting machine ays a battered wife who learns in this scene to strike back.

>> It's meant to say, you know what, yool of your life. Maybe not level, but you can take control by saying, 'I've had enough.'

>> Reporter: Jennifer's character, who dons a short to disguise herself, also has a daughter in the film, played by tessaays she's become quite maternal.

>> It's like, I'll see a thing on the floor and i'll be like, 'tessa, watch out.' You know what I mean, it's just an instinct, you have to protect.

>> Oh, my god, she's breaking my heart.

>> Reporter: Noah wyle, who co-stars as a dirty cop, relishes the chance to play a bad guy. But he's also looking forward to the return to 'er' next season of sherry stringfield.

>> She and i are good friends, and I loved working with her. And it was really a sad thing when she left. I just re-upped for a couple of years, so i'll run the hospital before I'm done. Now I'll run it with sherry.

>> 'Enough' also stars 'once and again's' billy campbell and comes out next year.

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