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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Feb 28, 2002 6:16 pm

Don Johnson, soaking up the tunes of Craig David at the House of Blues. Sunset Strip. A beefy dude sitting nearby leaned over to the '80s television icon and told him, 'Because of you, I spent my junior high years in a pink shirt, white pants and sandals.' Looking mod in all black threads, D.J. threw his head back and laughed. Infinite degrees hotter was...

J.Lo, grooving at the same joint that night. Just a few spaces down from Janet Jackson. The delish girls were hanging in the velvet-rope section with prime viewing of the stage below. Sorta like Queen Elizabeth does it at Buckingham Palace, ya know? But don't worry: Not until the J-jewels start toting oversize bags (complete with toilet paper, just as QE does) will these babes have gone completely off the royal deep end.

source: E!

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