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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Jun 20, 2002 12:23 pm

Admit it, you're distraught. We all are.

Ever since I heard Jennifer Lopez was ditching semi-hunky dancer hubby Cris Judd, I just couldn't help but feel a bit sad. Especially in this overly wedded month of June, when every weekend is booked with lovers makin' it legal.

It's ultimately so pedestrian, isn't it? Obviously, J.Lo has had enough of this husband thang, with two marriages snapped under her girdle. But was the second union more rebound than romance?

That's the nooky nonsense I hear from those who know the nonsense at Camp Lopez. I'm referring, of course, to Jen-doll's pre-Cris firestorm with Puff...uh, Sean...uh, P...well, you get the drift.

But another source close to the more recently defunct couple claims it was hardly a secondhand Cris sitch: 'They married because they were madly in love.'

Okay. But even when she was 'madly in love,' Lopez was, shall we say, economical--hardly her style. When J.L. and C.J. tied the knot a mere eight months ago, the new honeys opted for a (supposedly) simple ceremony. Quelle horreur.

I can't imagine the gal with the big sass doing anything small--except maybe for those dainty-size Spago pizzas with which I hear she likes her private jets stocked. But enough of all this money musing. It appears La Lopez may not be alone in her return to the singles scene...

source: E!

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