Jackson 'Drives' Over J.Lo

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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Feb 21, 2002 1:44 pm

Jackson 'Drives' Over J.Lo
by David Jenison
Feb 20, 2002, 2:30 PM PT

Sorry, J.Lo, but this week the charts belong to A to tha Jack-o.

After getting bumped from the top slot last week by Jennifer Lopez's J to tha L-O! The Remixes, Alan Jackson's Drive has recaptured number one.

Jackson's Drive pushed past the platinum mark, selling 184,000 copies for the week ended Sunday, according to SoundScan numbers.

Both Drive and Creed's Weathered posted 30,000 copy gains over the previous week. The Creed disc sold 144,000, surging into the number-two position ahead of Lopez's remix album, which sold 134,000 copies in its second week to fall to number three.

Although no new albums broke into the Top 20, two chart mainstays inched their way back into the Top 10. Puddle of Mudd climbed to number nine with their debut album, Come Clean, and Enrique Iglesias landed at number 10 with Escape.

The remaining Top 10 holdovers were Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory at four, Nickelback's Silver Side Up at five, Ludacris' Word of Mouf at six, Barry Manilow's Ultimate Manilow at seven and Pink's M!ssundazstood at eight.

The week's highest debut belonged to Chris Isaak, whose new album Always Got Tonight sold 57,000 copies at number 24. The sales figures are strong compared to Isaak's past chart history. Isaak can probably thank his exposure on his popular Showtime cable series The Chris Isaak Show for the solid performance of his latest album.

Other notable debuts included Pat Metheny's Speaking of Now at 101, Kasey Chambers' Barricades & Brickwalls at 104, Linda Eder's Gold at a less than shiny 151, singing New York cop Daniel Rodriquez's The Spirit of America at 159 and Fernando Ortega's Storm barely drizzling in at 197.

Meanwhile, the passing of country legend Waylon Jennings boosted sales for his Greatest Hits. The compilation jumped from 1,000 in sales to 11,000, pushing the disc to 160 on the pop charts.

Here's a recap of the Top 10 albums for the week ended February 17:

1. Drive, Alan Jackson
2. Weathered, Creed
3. J to tha L-O! The Remixes, Jennifer Lopez
4. Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park
5. Silver Side Up, Nickelback
6. Word of Mouf, Ludacris
7. Ultimate Manilow, Barry Manilow
8. M!ssundazstood, Pink
9. Come Clean, Puddle of Mudd
10. Escape, Enrique Iglesias

source: E!

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