Jennifer Lopez appearances

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Postby Jasminda2691 » Mon Jun 17, 2002 11:19 pm

6/18/02 8:45a.m. ET (HBO) 'Angel Eyes'
6/18/02 7:15p.m. ET (HBO) 'Angel Eyes'
6/19/02 7:45a.m. ET (HBO) 'The wedding planner'
6/19/02 5:30p.m. ET (HBO) 'The wedding planner'
6/20/02 7:15p.m. ET (HBO) 'Blood and wine'
6/20/02 8:30p.m. ET (HBO) 'Angel Eyes'
6/20/02 11:30p.m. ET (COM) 'Saturday night live comedy central
6/21/02 4:50a.m. ET (HBO) 'Angel Eyes'
6/21/02 8:00a.m. ET (BBCA) 'Parkinson show'
6/22/02 4:00a.m. ET (BBCA) 'Parkinson show'
6/22/02 2:00p.m. ET (ETV) 'Rank'
6/23/02 12:00p.m. ET (HBOP) 'Money Train'
6/23/02 2:00p.m. ET (HBO) 'The wedding planner'
6/23/02 8:00p.m. ET (HBOP) 'Money Train'
6/25/02 10:00a.m. ET (HBOS) 'Blood and wine'
6/25/02 6:00p.m. ET (COM) 'Saturday night live comedy central
6/26/02 2:00p.m. ET (HBOS) 'The wedding planner'
6/26/02 11:15p.m. ET (HBOS) 'The wedding planner'
6/26/02 11:35p.m. ET (HBO) 'Angel Eyes'
6/28/02 12:30p.m. ET (HBO) 'The wedding planner'
6/28/02 9:00p.m. ET (ETV) 'Rank'
6/29/02 11:00a.m. ET (HBOS) 'Blood and wine'
6/30/02 2:45p.m. ET (HBOS) 'The wedding planner'
6/30/02 8:00p.m. ET (FAM) 'Jack'
6/30/02 10:00p.m. ET(FAM) 'Jack'

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