What Former Columbia Artist Thinks Of The Label

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Postby ehp03 » Mon Mar 10, 2003 12:08 am

Here's a letter from a guy that used to be signed to Columbia with his band Neve...someone asked him

You said Columbia really ruined things for Neve...how so?

Just interested really


and his response was...

Simply put, Columbia poured a ton of money into marketing Neve as a bunch of homos. They are all just corporate losers who don't care about music at all. They tried to make us into something we were not. Homos!

Columbia is, in fact, the single worst record label out there right now. And anyone who cares should take it from me. They signed 50 Cent and then dropped him. (He then took his same album to Aftermath and it sold 866,000 copies in its first week.)

Columbia also originally signed Alicia Keys and then dropped her. (She then signed to J Records and has since gone 5x platinum, or whatever.) These are the reasons why Tommy Mattola was recently fired.

It's a long and complicated story and I'm not interested in rehashing it over and over. But the bottom line is this: Columbia = pile of crap record label. End of story. They had no clue how to market Neve.

But hey, it's actually all good because now we have Genius and Genius KICKS YOUR ASS EVEN HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John / Genius

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Postby MooseMan » Mon Mar 10, 2003 8:26 am

Don't be suprised that (Columbia Records CEO) Donnie Ienner's head will be next on the chopping block.

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Postby Wraith » Thu Mar 20, 2003 1:26 am

On MTV2's 22 Greatest Voices, they showed Matt Pinfield credited as A&R Artist Development for Columbia. Anyone who's watched MTV a few years back will know who he is, he knows so much about music... Anyway, with a person like him in the inside of a label, how could it be so bad? Especially since he's in Artist Development.

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Postby juliette » Thu Mar 20, 2003 11:58 am

i've always theorized that whenever someone in a record label tries to make a smart decision, he gets shut up. more than likely matt is trying to give his input, and no one will listen to him. there ARE people above him...

although way to go neve for being bigoted against homosexuals.

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