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Jessica: Kelso's New Crush!

August 05, 2002

Foxy JESSICA SIMPSON trips back to the '70s to make her TV acting debut on "That '70s Show" as Kelso's California crush. She'll be guest-starring in three episodes of the hit sitcom as Annette, a sexy, yet unavailable, teen who drives Kelso wild.

Tonight, she gives ET the lowdown on her virginity, her upcoming marriage to 98 DEGREES' NICK LACHEY, and the new direction for her upcoming album.

For more, tune in to tonight's ET. Then catch Simpson on "That '70s Show" when it premieres Tuesday, Sept. 17.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: Were you a fan of the show before you were asked to be on it?

JESSICA SIMPSON: I am a huge fan of "That '70s Show." I was so excited when they asked me to be a part of it. I love the show. It is very edgy and hilarious.

ET: Can you tell us a little bit about the scene you are shooting?

JESSICA: I was just shooting a scene with ASHTON KUTCHER (Michael) in which I was telling him we couldn't do it because I was a virgin. Then I have to get up, pour water all over me and make him very frustrated.

ET: What was his reaction?

JESSICA: He said it was a coincidence. He is trying to convince me that he is a virgin, too, so we should do it as first-timers. It's really funny. It's a great scene. You're going to have to watch to find out if we do it or not!

ET: In your life, is waiting a important?

JESSICA: Yes, definitely. I have held on to [my virginity] this long. I only have three more months to go, and then I am a free woman.

ET: For other people who are out there and trying to abstain, do you have any advice?

JESSICA: It really has to be something you want to do. I am a hopeless romantic. That is one thing that I want to share with my husband. If you really want to [abstain], if you want to hold that close to your heart and be innocent, it is definitely possible. And it is worth it, especially when you have somebody like my fiancé. I can't wait to give that to him.

ET: Have you been busy planning the wedding?

JESSICA: I've been making big plans -- 350 people. It's a big expense, unfortunately. This is going to make me go broke, but it's worth it. I've had so much fun. My family has been involved, and I have a wedding planner. It's going to be a big Texas Southern wedding.

ET: Have you chosen your flowers yet?

JESSICA: I am in the process of all that. I didn't know how much was involved in putting on a wedding. There is a lot to choose, from tablecloths to forks.

ET: Have you decided where you are going for your honeymoon?

JESSICA: We have not decided that. We are going to go somewhere far away like Tahiti. We want to be secluded and get away from everything.

ET: I had read somewhere that two guys actually broke up with you because they couldn't respect the boundaries. Is that true?

JESSICA: Yes, that's true. A lot of guys will break up with you for reasons you never thought could be reasons, but luckily I found a guy who respected and adored it.

ET: Have you talked about when you want to have kids?

JESSICA: I always wanted to be a young mom, but we will wait a couple of years. My mom had me at 20. She was married at 18. I've always loved having a young mom because I could totally relate to her, so I want to be that for my children. So, some time soon.

ET: How is the new album coming along?

JESSICA: The new record I am working on right now is very special to me because it is the first time I am writing every song. I am completely involved. I never had that opportunity before. I had to go along with what the record label wanted, do my dance moves, which I am not very good at, and try to sing at the same time. This new album is all live music like a JEWEL meets SADE. It's very romantic with inspirational lyrics for women with self-esteem issues. It is a very positive album, and I am excited to be doing it.

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