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Newlywed Nightmare?

Jessica Simpson has been getting some serious flack for bringing her designer Louis Vuitton bag camping. Her new MTV show "Newlyweds" has been doing well and bringing Louie, her pet as she referred to it, is just one reason.

"Camping is something that I will never do again," Jessica told Access Hollywood. "You know camping is for some people, but I personally like to take showers."
There's no mistaking Jessica for an outdoorsy kind-of gal as the camping episode illustrates, and you really got to give it up for husband Nick Lachey, who was willing to carry around his wife's expensive handbag on the trip.

"I did not realize that taking my Louis Vuitton bag would be such a big ordeal. I just use it as my toiletry bag. I got it five days before the trip and I didn't want to leave it at home. I wanted it close by my side," laughed Jessica.

But as with all newlyweds, things don't always go the wife's way as Jessica discovered in the September 9 episode when the lovers quarrel over Nick's boys night out.

"We had a big fight that everybody will see on the next episode about the Playboy mansion," revealed Jessica. "It was a Spike TV party, which is an all guys thing, you know, but of course they had girl entertainment."

Access was at the party and talked to Nick that night.

"What a wonderful place it is. This is my first time," Nick told Access at the mansion.

When we asked Nick where Jessica was that evening, he said: "She is here with me in spirit. I got my [wedding] band on so as not to be misinterpreted."

Jessica took it all in stride when she reflected during our interview with her. "He says that he doesn't go to look at the girls, so I just gotta trust him. He can look, but he just can't touch. I trust him," she said.


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