Berlin Fans 'incensed' Over Js Version Of 'take

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Postby MooseMan » Mon May 03, 2004 6:44 pm

You won't believe the sheer hatred of Jessica's version of Berlin's classic "Take My Breath Away" on Berlin Messageboard While some liked it, others wishes she shouldn't sing it in the first place.

Here's some of the comments:

I was traveling back from Naples to Orlando on a business trip and was checking out some radio sations. What do I hear but Take My Breath Away by Jessica Simpson. I had to listen and agree with most of the posts that it is a very poor version. To add insult to injury it was on a country station. The original is still the best (and as used as our wedding song very special to us)with one of the most beautiful voices around in Terri Nunn.


Let's keep in mind here that we all are comparing Jessica Simpson to Terri Nunn. That's a little like trying to compare a Chevrolet to a Rolls Royce...there just isn't any comparison because they aren't even in the same league. Jessica (any relation to Homer?) Simpson will fade away as soon as the record labels roll out their next homogenized teeny-bopper girl singer clone, but there will only be one Terri Nunn!


Just my opinion I suppose... but even my wife, who doesn't care for Berlin (yes dissenters do exist, hard as it is to beleive. I just am shocked to find I'm married to one. :-) ) But she loves the Berlin version, and actually laughed her way through the J.S. video. Well, we both did... but I was laughing because Jessica was trying SO very hard to be sexy and just couldn't pull it off. Where I don't think I've ever seen Terri be anything less than amazingly sexy.. and she certainly wasn't trying to be in the TMBA video; yet still she so was.


Hello I am hoping someone from the band will see this. Terri Nunn especially. I have been a fan for the last 20 plus years. Yesterday my daughter was watching MTV and a video for Jessica Simpson came on. As it is the girl makes me sick! But she was singing a remake of Take My Breath Away. I cannot believe she has butchered this song. Who would allow her do such a crappy version of such a great song sang by such a great singer. Just voicing my opinion. Thanks for the time.


Click on terrinunn.comhere to read more of this...IT'S BRUTAL!!! (And I LOVE IT!!)

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