My Take On The Nick And Jessica Split

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Postby MooseShady » Sun Nov 27, 2005 1:03 pm

I had been very vocal on Jessica and her then-pending marriage to Nick Lachey for the past 5 years on this board when I was known as MooseMan. I predicted on this board on several things of who Jessica Simpson really is before the whole world knows about her. I said that she's a ditzball (That's was true) I said that her marriage to Nick was nothing but a publicity stunt and Ms. Simpson's preacher dad Joe is behind the stunt.(Oh, that's so ture) and finally, I also said that this marriage is not gonna last within 5 years . (BINGO!)

I'll tell you this; it has been a one-hell of a ride to prove the beyond a resonable doubt that Jessica is a phony. I was criticized, spat at, telling me I am sooo jealous (Please!) :rolleyes: and even they trying to find the ISP to track down my actual e-mail address. At one point on another board, someone was even threatening my life if they ever found me (Too bad they didn't). :D

I hadn't been on this board for a while because I am so over with this Nick-Jessica charade, but I like to say that with little sadness but grinning from cheek-to-cheek that the game is finally over for them.

Now, even though I wished for the both of them well in the future, but like the late great artist Andy Wharol would said; their 15 minutes are now up.

In other words: GO AWAY!! :D

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