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The Idealist

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The Idealist
December 2000

Jessica has the guts to be completely open about her sex and drug-free lifestyle,telling girls its just okay not to do it. Career suicide? Hardly. Jessica's debut album, Sweet Kisses, went platinum, and her second album, due out spring 2001, is expected to do even better. Sing it sister! 'I believe in being the same person with my friends as I am in interviews, because I want girls who read about me to know I'm the same as them. I go through the same things as everybody else does. I've just been blessed with a voice that has taken me far.

'I'm definitely not a saint. But having sex is something I'm going to save for my wedding day because of my respect for myself. I'm just used to saying no thanks. I'm not judging anybody who has sex, but I'm speaking to the ones who want to say no and don't, because they're afraid of what people will think. I just want people to know that you don't need to do these things to be 'in'. In two years, you're not going to care what the 'in crowd' thinks. So stay true to who you are'

'I'm a giver and a people please; I love to make everybody else happy. But sometimes when you do that, you don't get enough time to yourself. Whenever I'm having a hard day and feel like I can't do anything, I'll take a bath or write in my journal. You have to fix yourself before you can fix the world. Once you become beautiful to yourself- once you believe you're truly beautiful on the inside--it'll come out for the world to see!'

from CosmoGirl Magazine Â

Jessica! In Love And On the Move
January 2001
By: Alyssa Vitrano

Jessica Simpson's just starting to take her diva-worthy voice where she wants it to go. We got the exclusive scoop on her rock-star romance and why her new album's gonna be hot, hot, HOT.

Since Jessica Simpson's first record came out last year, this Texan girl says the biggest difference between Jessica of then and Jessica of now is, 'I've grown up. I've learned a lot.' But even though she feels older, there are plenty of times when she just wants to be a kid. At YM's cover shoot, Jessica flips through the racks of clothes like a seasoned pro - even though she still brings along her mom for fashion advice. She works the camera like someone way more mature than 20, but at lunch, she orders in a gooey grilled cheese rather than nibble the fancy catered food. Sipping her smoothie after the shoot is over, you might think she was just a kid cutting chem class. But here are a few signs that Jessica's growing up.

The Cool New Pad

When most girls are begging for their own room, Jessica just moved into her own house. 'After I signed the papers, I walked in and felt really successful,' she says. 'I don't get to be home much, so when I do, it's going to be amazing.' Even though she bought her white English cottage in Los Angeles last May, she still has plenty of stuff in boxes. She doesn't care though. 'The house is so adorable,' she says. She decorated her bedroom in plum and cream colors, with a wrought-iron bed. 'It's really romantic, with sheer netting around it.' But as psyched as she is to have moved out of her parents' pad, she will not be staying in her new house alone. 'I'm a scaredy-cat!' she confesses. 'I believe there's a monster living under my bed.' That's why she has a roommate: Jessie, one of her dancers. 'Jessie's the friend who understands my lifestyle and everything I'm going through,' she says. 'My best friends from home aren't at my performances and don't see me signing autographs and stuff, but Jessie does.'

Leaving her parents was a little weird, she admits. 'They helped me move in and were like, 'Well, bye Jessica!' They only live 20 minutes away, so it's not like they were dropping me off far away at college. But I miss just making breakfast with my mom.'

Jessica's mom misses her, too. 'The night before she moved out, I realized it was probably the last time she'd be living in my house. So I was like, 'Can I sleep in your bed?' her mom says. 'She's still close by, but there's just something sad about her actually leaving.'

'My mom cleaned my room and did my laundry,' says Jessica. 'Now that I have to do these things myself I have a lot more respect for her.' The superstar admits she has a maid ('to clean the dust'), but she does make her own bed. 'I want my room to look pretty, so I get excited to do it.'

She Won't Ditch Her Values (Even for Hollywood)

'I don't have a desire to be a bad girl, hang out with the 'in' crowd, get drunk on the weekends,' says Jessica. 'That isn't me, and it never will be.' So, as other celebs rip off their clothes to reveal diamond studded underwear, this pop star keeps her principles totally pure. She was actually supposed to play the lead in 'Coyote Ugly', until her objection meter started flashing. 'I went to through a month of auditions and was going to do the movie, but they wouldn't take out the sex scene.'

Though it might sound insane to give up the lead in a big-time movie, walking away was a no-brainer for Jessica. 'I talk about how I'm going to stay a virgin until I'm married, and then my fans would see this movie and be like, 'She's totally contradicting herself,'' she explains. 'I knew I was giving up a ton of money, but more things will come. All the bad crap might make you feel successful and beautiful, but giving it up might bring even more success. Now I have, like, ten scripts coming my way.'

Being A Role Model's A Serious Gig

'My fans are very important, and I definitely look at the impact what I do would have on them,' she says. So what does she think of stars who aren't so concerned with being role models? 'That really pisses me off. I actually believe they've been placed in their position for a reason. People look up to these teen idols - I'm not going to mention names - but these people do and say things, and kids are listening. Why would you buy that person's album? It's a hard business, so I can see why people let the pressure take over, but I think everybody has it in them to be a strong person.

'Everyone thinks making a record and being famous is the best thing in the world, and you have this fabulous rock-star lifestyle,' she says. 'But it's pretty draining. You really have to find a way to stay level-minded - and for me, that's what my family and Nick are.'

This Girl's Totally In Love

One singer going out with another shoves their love life into the spotlight whether they like it or not. It isn't always easy, but Jessica and 98*'s Nick Lachey have been open about their solid relationship, which will reach its two-year anniversary on January 10.

'Nick thinks I'm spoiled, but he spoils me, so he can't complain,' she says, laughing. 'I was going away and my alarm didn't go off, so I was crazy trying to pack at the last second. And he had the keys to my house, so after I left, he went in and cleaned my room. He takes care of me.'

Since both of them have psycho schedules, how do they stay in touch? Jessica says it's all about the phone: 'Nick and I can stay up talking forever. Yesterday he said, 'Have I talked too much today?' and I was like, 'Uh huh!' It's cute though, he's so excited about life. I love that - it gives me energy. He gives me life.'

Her Goals Are All About The Big-Time

You'd think a platinum album would be enough for anyone, but not for Jessica. 'I'm not even near what I hoped to be. I haven't even been on tour by myself yet!' she says. 'I want people to chant for me and know all of my songs. Now I have another record to prove myself that way, so that's cool.'

That second record is tentatively called Hot Like Fire, and Jessica says the first single from it will be upbeat. 'This album's more my style,' she says. 'I've been listening to Michael Jackson's older records lately. He always brought a pop voice to an R&B track - I love the energy in that.'

For this album, Jessica wrote some songs and says Nick has also written three. 'We also wrote one together,' Jessica says. 'It's about this girl who broke up with a guy who's now dating this other girl. And the first girl's jealous and is like, 'I want you back!''

One of her favorite songs is a ballad called 'When You Told Me You Loved Me.' The lyrics go, 'When you told me you loved me, did you know it would take me the rest of my life to get over you?' Jessica explains, ' Basically, it means, don't tell me you love me if it's not going to last, because I thought it was forever.'

Ballads are Jessica's favorite, both to listen to and to perform. 'If I want to be mellow, I lie down and listen to beautiful ballads that give me chills,' she says. 'There's something about performing ballads - to have the whole audience in a hush, their attention focused on me, wondering if I'm going to hold the note. I love that! As for her own take on the new material, Jessica says, 'It's going to be phenomenal, what I always dreamed of making. If I can make an album anything like Mariah Carey's, I'll be totally set.'

The Holidays Aren't Just About Presents Anymore

'Christmas has been different even since I lost my 17-year-old cousin three years ago in a car crash. She always had a great holiday spirit and would give the best hugs,' Jessica says. Her death was the inspiration for Jessica's ballad 'Where You Are.' The spot where she usually sat is empty; it doesn't feel right. So now we are trying to change the holidays for my aunt and uncle. This year we'll probably rent a cabin in Vail, CO, and cut down a Christmas tree. But her memory is still with us.'

Though it's harder, Jessica still feels the holidays are the best time of the year. 'I love reindeer, Santa Claus, carols, looking at Christmas lights. We'll drive around for hours looking at lights in Texas, where they're so gaudy! Everybody tries to beat each other with the most lights.'

As for other holiday plans, not only did Jessica record a 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' duet with Rosie O'Donnell for the talk-show host's Christmas album, she has also been invited to sing at the White House. 'I'm going to be very, very nervous, but my nervous energy is good because it makes me sing my butt off,' says Jessica. She will probably perform the traditional holiday song: 'I don't think I'll sing 'Hot Like Fire' at the White House!'

After the holidays, craziness kicks again in February with the release of her new album. She may feel pressure to meet, or even beat, the success of her first record, but she's most interested in proving herself as a true artist. 'The most important thing to me is to be respected,' she says. We'll just see what happens, but no matter how successful Jessica becomes, one thing's for sure: She won't let it go to her head.

My First Place

Moving into her very own house has been a total whirlwind for Jessica. We asked for the scoop on:

The first night she spent in her house:
'Nick and some friends came over, and we popped popcorn and watched, like 6 movies. I was just like, 'I don't have parents right now! This is really weird!'

The first chore she had to learn:
'My mom has always done my laundry, so when I moved in, Nick came over and taught me how. I didn't even know you weren't supposed to wash whites with darks! Now I love it! I know that excitement will die down at some point, but I like it because it's a normal thing in my life, washing clothes like everybody else.

The first meal she cooked:
'We are a disaster in the kitchen. Nick was like, 'I think I know how to make tacos.' So he ground the meat and I made this cheese dip with Velveeta cheese and Rotel tomatoes that everyone in Texas makes. I think Nick ate about 10.'

The first movie watched:
'The Exorcist. We were stupid - we wanted to freak ourselves out, and it worked!'

The first time it felt like home:
'Two or three months after I bought it, though my parents' house still feels like home, too.'

The first piece of furniture she fell in love with:
'I bought a cream antique love seat for my bedroom. You look at it and wonder whose house it was in, like some lady in 1950. So it's really cool.'

from YM Magazine

My comments later 'cause I only had time to read the 1st and veiw the other. Hope you enjoy; I think I saw Mariah's name so I know I will.

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That's pretty sad that she can't even do laundry...I'm 15 and I know how!! :)

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