Joe Simpson on nba weekend

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Joe Simpson on nba weekend

Postby luv4nl » Thu Feb 15, 2001 4:16 pm

This was posted by Jessica's father today:
Joe Simpson (Joesimpson) Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 12:31 pm

hey! just thought i would update you guys on jessica. well, we just finished the nba weekend.. wow, that was fun. everyone was there.. jessica had a great time hanging out with the players and the stars. carson daly was his usual cool self. he is really a supporter of jessica. jessica was a little nervous about the national anthem. it is tough to sing acc. in front of 250 million people in 22 countries. the song is tough and so is the audience. however, as you heard, she pulled it off with flying colors. it is funny the people that saw her. i was in a taxi with a 71 year old driver. he asked why we were in d.c. and i replied about jessica singing the anthem. he said simpson right? i said sure. he said that girl can sure sing. you tell her an old man said she nailed it! funny huh. i didn't think he owned her album....

well, thing are finally moving.... the single is finally picked----it is called irresistible.... you are going to love it..... it will be on the radio by the end of march. the next thing is shooting the video. we'll do that in the next three weeks. she is recording a duet with marc anthony right now. it is a love song that you guys will love. they are going to put it in a movie... hopefully the next t.v. appearance will be at mtv spring break... get ready...

we are in the final stages of securing our summer tour. it is going to be so cool. i can't wait to tell you the details. yes, she will headline her first tour!!!!!!! get ready....coming a city near you..... oh, i want to tell you the details. i can't!!!!

don't forget to vote for the blockbuster awards... we need your help. this is the award we don't have to rely on old men that don't know current music.... these are all about the fans. that's you. i know we can do it!!!

there should be a video diary up soon. i sent it in today. you will like it. so stay tuned....

we love you guys.... keep up the good work.

this is jessica's year!!!!!


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Postby deb » Thu Feb 15, 2001 9:36 pm

thanx for positng that

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