we finally have a shoot date for the video

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we finally have a shoot date for the video

Postby deb » Wed Mar 28, 2001 4:01 am

Joe Simpson

hey guys!! i just thought i would tell you guys the latest. we finally have a shoot date for the video. it is april 6,7,8. simon brand is shooting it. he is europeon. the video is going to be awesome.... you guys get your trl buttons ready.

it was good to see that you guys liked dream date... i thought jessica looked wonderful. it was really cool to see her get to dance... i see that some have been concerned that jessica is changing again. i don't know what it will take to convince you guys that she is still the same. i understand your concern about the lyrics of the song. we discussed it the first time we read them. jessica didn't see any of the negatives that i did. she sees the song as a real life fantasy that we all go through when we fall in love. we are truly human and we have all of the emotions in the song. when in love, we do face those choices that seem irresistible.. however, if you read the lyrics, never gives in to these thoughts. she just expresses feeling them. which, i believe if all of us were really truthful, we could relate to as well. jessica really opened my eyes. i usually seem to look on the negative side of things. i usually tend to see what is wrong in things. i realized again, it is because i have lost the feelings of being young and in love. jessica has shown me the light. i get it!! i hope you will as well. on the deeper than spiritual line.....this is simply an expression of emotion. it is not literal. it is a way to describe an emotion. i hope that we can all start to trust jessica as an artist who is growing and changing and is a great human being.

i will be able to give you guys some details on the summer tour very soon!!!!! you are gonna love it. we will be starting sometime around the third week of july. hold on... we will be seeing you guys soon!!!!

love you guys,


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