Joe with details on Jessica's tour

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Joe with details on Jessica's tour

Postby deb » Fri Apr 13, 2001 6:43 pm

hey guys!!! well, i thought i might begin to give you the details of jessica's tour. first, she will do ten dates with destiny's child on the trl tour..... this starts july 18th. that will be fun and will be on mtv alot!!!

then, the first week of august, we start the jessica simpson tour!!!!! this will be a new concept. she will tour in a tent. it is like a carnival. she is going to bring the tour to you guys. there are no reserved seats. all general admission so you all have equal chance at front row!!! The tour will be called the dream chaser tour. because you guys always ask 'how do i get in the music business?' this is your chance.... We will have the radio station in each city hold a day where you guys audition. they will choose five finalists. on the day jessica comes to town, she will watch the finalists and a panel of judges will choose the winner. the winner will open jessica's show that night. she will introduce you personally. the very best act she finds from her tour will be presented a record deal as a grand prize. this is your dream chance......

we will also do a numbe of other dream related events. our dancers will teach the dance moves of one of her songs during the day. we will video and you guys will have a chance to be on the video screen that night. we will also choose special guests that will have the chance to sit on stage with jessica while she performs.

jessica's heart is to make her tour not only about her music, but about you guys as well.... she believes tha she has been blessed with the chance of a lifetime and wants you guys to have the same oppurtunity... is that cool or what.....?

tickets will go on sale the week after jessica's album is released. as soon as the dates are firm, we will post them on the internet. we look forward to seeing you guys on the road. hope many of you will have the chance to fulfill your dreams!!!

jessica is working hard right now. the video will be finished on april 27th. we plan to premere it on trl around may 10th. you are not going to believe how awesome it is....

starting tuesday, call those radio stations and bug the heck out of them to play jessica's song. tell them they just can't resist!


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Postby Rick » Thu Apr 19, 2001 1:26 am

I wanna meet Jessica! :)

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