Jessica Simpson talks about her new album!

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Jessica Simpson talks about her new album!

Postby deb » Mon May 14, 2001 4:34 am

Jessica Simpson talks about her new album!

Pop Star June 2001

Jessica Simpson is about to re-explode on the pop scene, sur-prising her fans with a new CD that's bubblling with hot, J-LO style beats.

Of Course, Jess won't be giving up on Ballads, either, not with *that* voice!

How do we know already? We know because at an exclusive photo shoot with Jessica in New York City, we were able to ask her for the early buzz on her new music, Jessica filled us in, so were filling you in.

Jessica and her mom were telling us that Jess's new Columbia CD-wich has been rumored to be titled Hot Like Fire before being confirmed as Irresistible- will be much more influenced by R&B, with a distinctively dance-oriented vibe.

'The record label chose Irresistible. That's also my first single,' She told us. 'It's an uptempo. It's sexy and fun. It's kind of a new sound... it's not really like what you hear on the radio right now. It's more of a Jennifer Lopez thing. It's really cool!'

Expect an 'edgier' sound from the Princess of Ballads.

'This record is alor more mature for me,'Jessica said.'When I made my last record, I was 17 years old. It's been three years. I'v grown up alot and I'v experienced a lot. I think you're just going to hear more of who I am, more attitude. Basically, it was growing-up process for me. I have the best ballads in the world and the best uptempos in the world. You get a little bit of everything.'

She also confirmed he rumors that she sings with a 60-piece orchestra on Irresistible and that she worked with producers Corey Rooney and Rodney Jenkins. But her most memorable moment was recording a hot duet with Marc Anthony.

'we did it old-school style-our mikes were next to each other. Normally, when people do duets, they do it on different days and they're not even there with each other. It was alot of fun. We pretended that for those six hours we were completely in love. It was cool. It was an acting experience!' She laughed remembering Marc's acting directions. 'He's like, 'Okay, this is our relationship: We've been together for six years and I'm going to be completely in love with you for the next six hours.' I was like, 'Wow'

Jessica was definitely dreaming of Nick when recording all the most romantic traks like her duet with Marc. In fact, Jess was dreaming of her longtime beau ( two years and counting!) Nick Lachey whle she was posing for Popstar!, too! That's a fact-not guesswork by our nosy staff. See, Jessica had to cut her posing short in order to catch red-eye flight to get back to Los Angeles, where she planned to spend Valentines day with her honey!

We wanted to know all abot Jess's fave new songs from her CD. and she had some right on the tip of her tongue. 'My favorite uptempo on the record is called Hot Like Fire.' It's a new Jessica. It's very different than anything you hear on the radio and I put this rasp behind my voice that gives me a different kind of style that what you would normally hear, It deffinitely shows my vocals, because it has complete attitude.'

She was equally high on her fave ballad. 'It's called 'When You Told Me You Loved Me,' written by Walter A, who also wrote 'Hero,' 'My All' and all kinds of stuff for Mariah. It's the most emotional ballad on my record. It's a about heart break. Listening to all my friends and stuff and hearing their situations, alot of my friends hav had their hearts broken this year. That's how I relate to that song.'

Jessica is one of the best interview subjects out there becuase she has the gift of gab, and we loved gabbing it up her to get so much pre-release info on Irresistible, wich sounds like it will live up to its name.

'On my last record, I was basically trying to find out who I was and where I wanted to go. It was a great step for me. But I look at it as just a baby step and this next record will is going to really get alot more fans. I think guys will like it and girls will like it,' she predicts. 'It will reach out to a variety of people.'

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