her new cd is that its HOTT Man

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her new cd is that its HOTT Man

Postby Abercrombie Angel » Thu Jun 07, 2001 11:48 am

my review on her new cd is that its HOTT Man! all of the songs on there are awesome my favorite is the duet she did with Marc Anthony titles 'There you were' that is such a beautiful song and you can really here her voice and all her vocal songs in the song to! Forever in your eyes' is a beautiful song to its kinda like a ballad! and the song 'Hot Like Fire' is totally awesome it's kinda about a girl and a guy and the girls best friends tells the girl her boyfriend is cheating on her then the song starts! and then there is 'What's it gonna be' that is an awesome song and its like Jessica is giving an ultimatum to a guy! and 'You Loved Me' was a beautiful song...talking about a couple breaking up and all the rest of the songs are totally awesome to!

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